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    Face book

    Does this forum have a face book page or group? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Help plants

    Hi all, I recently set up my first tank on Sunday. It’s currently going through the fishless cycle. I have noticed the tips on my java fern are turning black and the leaves look very crinkled. Is this normal ? I have attached some pictures of the plants I have. Could the fishless cycle...
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    Hi complete newbie to the hobby

    Hi all, My names Luke, I’m 27 from Birmingham UK. I’m a complete newbie to the hobby. I never really thought about fish untill me and my partner stumbled across a store on a day. Since then I have been obsessed. For the past six months I have been researching loads trying to find out more and...
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    Help stocking first aquarium

    Hi all, I’m new to the hobby and have been doing a lot a of research. I have just set up my new aquarium and am currently running the first cycle. My question is with regards to what fish I can keep. I have 230l tank (picture attached). I am getting overwhelmed by the different types of fish...