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  1. liz2

    Help For Goldie Please

    Size of aquarium/pond - 2 gallon tank Types of fish - 1 goldfish Number of fish and sizes - 1 goldie 4 years old Filtration used and how do you clean it and how often - half water change every week just air stone How much in the way of water changes and how often -- Do you dechlorinate - yes...
  2. liz2

    New Boy Update!

    he just wanted to come home with me and I couldnt say no!
  3. liz2

    New Betta

    went just to get goldfish food but had to buy this one. To be honest I could have got at least 4 they were beautiful.
  4. liz2

    Giant African Land Snails

    got a surplus of babies, anyone interested just need something towards p and p. thanks for reading
  5. liz2

    Rescued Betta

    all this talk of rescuing bettas...I went to a local shop and bought the tattiest one there! he is currently making himself at home in a bowl, will try to get photos but he is a bit fast!
  6. liz2

    Nobbys Bubble Nest!

    Nobby is thriving and for some reason has made a lovely big bubble nest. He has grown some but is never going to be massive despite eating me out of house and home! His tail is really strange sort of long bits in the middle!!
  7. liz2

    Giant African Land Snails

    Hi not fish related sorry but maybe some fish lovers have a yearning for giant african land snails. I have about 12 babies that are about a week old to good homes only. Northampton uk area...thanks for reading
  8. liz2

    Has Anyone Seen Me Snail?

    Nobby has a snail in his tank, heaven only knows where it came from! He swims around with it, and generally keeps an eye on it. He hates it when it climbs out the tank! He is eating me out of house and home! At least he now eats other food apart from what he brought with him! :lol: :wub:
  9. liz2

    New Boy

    the last photo is a true colour but he looked so cute when he kept staring at me, hence the 2nd photo...
  10. liz2


    tried to send a message to guineapigqueen and it said it wouldn't send. Anyone got any ideas why please?
  11. liz2

    New Girl

    had to get this girl, not little though. Dont like the shop they are too conceited, perhaps didnt help me telling them they had cts. marked as deltas and the young kid didnt know what a vt was. I couldnt see the fish as the tanks were too high! He got one out for me just in a net to look at...
  12. liz2

    Rip Little Girl

    She didnt make it, bless her. I was very fond of this little girl had her well over 12 months havent a clue where I got her from. Swim free angel, hope you find lots of bloodworms..x why do I cry over fish? does anyone else?
  13. liz2

    Urgent! Netty Or Anyone!

    I have lost at least 4 bettas over the space of a week. None are together, they go lethargic and then get like white cotton wool on them. Now my favourite girl has got it, she is in clean conditioned water with a little salt. I did this with one yesterday and then added velvet teatment and he...
  14. liz2

    Poor Fish

    I went into my lfs this morning to get some bird seed. He had some new bettas in, 3 quite good ones. I went past one tank and had to look again, the one in there was chewed to bits. I grabbed the chap in the shop and took him to the tank, the fish came in yesterday and the assistant had put...
  15. liz2

    New Girl, Been Nibbled!

    I popped into an lfs the other day. They had 2 very expensive bettas cant remember what they called then but they didnt look very good specimens to me. They also had a girl, she was hiding. The chap said she is in there somewhere, taps the glass, stirs it up with his finger! there she is he...
  16. liz2

    Algae Eater

    I have totally cleaned my tank out, and am now wondering what the algae eater will eat! he was doing a terrible job at cleaning algae anyway. what can I give him?
  17. liz2

    Swollen Belly

    the female pk I though was eggy, is so fat now. she is pooing, no pineconing, but she looks awful any ideas?
  18. liz2

    Dangerous Loaf!

    one of my boys flares at everything, here he is telling the bread off this moning...I did move it.. Nobby was wiggling for me, not a very good photo but I am sure he has grown!
  19. liz2

    Giant African Land Snail

    anyone any good on these gals? I have one left, had 3 about 5 years ago! It has been lethargic and now it looks as if its insides are coming out through its mouth! Leaving him alone but dont want it to suffer, if they can unsure :crazy:
  20. liz2


    One of my old pks has developed a swollen belly. He has had a pea and went to the loo. If he was female I would say eggy but I think he is a male. He is swimming around well but his belly is getting bigger. any ideas? He has actually got a pronounced white spot under his belly!