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    Birthdays And Member Annoucements

    This subforum has been moved to the General Chat forum, it will now be possible to celebrate member's birthdays and important announcements. We think this makes sense to have these announcements within the General Chat Section, as the subforum was originally established because we didn't have a...
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    Server Move On Sunday

    We will be moving server on Sunday so it is likely that there will be some downtime. We will try to keep this to a minimum, but be aware!
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    House Rules For Videos

    Currently (we will add to this list) we can recommend the following file providers: , , and individual hosting. A lot of video hosting sites have inappropriate content on them when you go to view a video. We have a a...
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    New Moderator!

    I have to be quick to announce this because usually someone spots the metamorphosis before I post anything! We would like to welcome lljdma06 to the moderating team. I think her posts over the past two years have really spoken for themselves- but we are really glad to have her on the team. :)
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    New Tff Aquarium Volume Calculator

    Thanks and full credits to Mike Solomon (STD) who created and designed an aquarium volume calculator for us to use here at TFF, there is a link to it in the top right hand corner (to the left of search and live chat). For reference here's a straight link to it...
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    New Section - Please Refrain From Posting For The Moment.

    Dear all, welcome to this new section on TFF! Until we have a chance to devise some rules in a pinned topic please do not post any new topics in this section other than broad discussion of what this forum is about. We hope to have pinned topics created in the next few days. Thanks,will :good:
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    Calling All Graphics Designers!

    Hi- we need an advertisment banner - dimensions 400x51. This will be going on a very popular website which I'm hoping will generate us a lot of visits. If anyone fancies a crack at this then please email or post up results here. If you'd like to see the context of where it's going please PM...
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    Site Sponsors -Member Discount

    Did you know that TFF members are entitled to a discount or deal at all of our sponsors listed in the top right hand corner, the discount may be up to 10% off the listed price, for further details check out the sponsors subforums where you can also ask questions about product lines...
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    Google (us)

    Hi I was just curious- does have a feature for Americans to search for pages only in the US?
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    Awesome Video Editing

    Tackled two of the bits in the forum title here... This guy can't play drums or piano but can edit video :)
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    Moderator Vacancy

    We are looking for a new moderator for this section of the site, please send me a private message with your nomination for someone who you feel would be well suited to the task. Obviously the important criteria are that they have a good knowledge of the subject, they are active members and that...
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    Article Request- How To Get Join And Post On Tff

    Hi gang, I was wondering if anyone would be able to write up a how to guide to TFF, perhaps with pictures. It would also be wicked to have links to some of the sections, how to find articles, how to sign up etc... It wouldn't need to be long, just quite fun and informative. I gather we are...
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    Useful Pinned Topics - Put In Top Category Of Foru

    Hi all, I am looking to tidy up the site a bit. Some of the pinned topics take up quite a bit of page space on the marine forums, does this bother you or is it fine to leave as is. Would it be suitable to place the pinned topics in Appropriate subforums here...
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    Scheduled Downtime

    The site will be inaccessible, probably for around 1/2 an hour for some maintenance. This will be at around 9PM UK BST Time. For other time zones just add 7 hours and 40 mins from the time of this post. cheers,will.
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    Favourite Books

    My favourite books would have to be My family and other animals by Gerald Durrell and Children of the New Forest by Captain Marryat. How about you?
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    New Forums- General Hobbies

    Following on from the user survey- conducted here: . It is a trial section to the website, in the past we had an offtopic section but without going into it, it was hell to moderate, full of crap and people used it as an opportunity to...
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    General Hobbies Section

    In the future, we hope to open a general hobbies section to the website, to provide a place to relax and talk about things other than fish. At this preliminary stage please private message me if you have any ideas for subforums under this heading. For example, at this stage it looks like we will...
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    Emails to me

    I just logged onto my email account I use for TFF and there are absolutely masses of emails on it - sorry folks -if you sent me an email I'll try and get an answer out over the next couple of days!
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    New logo (competition) for TFF

    Hi everyone, it is just a little bit after a year since we ran our last very succesful logo design competition, and after a few suggestions by private message, I have decided that to mark the software upgrade and resultant new skins, we will get some new logos. We'll hold a vote on the 15th...
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    Forum upgrade

    We have upgraded the forum to the latest version of invisionpowerboard - there was a small problem with the upgrade and so it took a little longer than I expected- but the goodnews is that other than 30 minutes more time, there are (as far as I have found) no problems with the new board. The...