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  1. TylerFerretLord

    My Cousin's Samoyeds

    For my cousin's birthday I took some pictures of his dogs and had them framed. Their names are Sugar and Patty.
  2. TylerFerretLord

    Cardisoma Armatum Salinity

    I've been looking but I just can't find an answer to this. Do they require brackish water or not? A store nearby has some and I'm thinking of setting up a tank for one. :shifty:
  3. TylerFerretLord

    What Micro Crabs With Eggs Look Like

    Not my photo, just posting this here for you guys. If you look closely, you can see the eggs between the abdomen and the rest of the body. Source
  4. TylerFerretLord

    Is There A Need For The Video Sub-section?

    It seems like an unnecessary division of two very similar subjects. Wouldn't it be simpler to just to merge the sub-section and the main section and have a single section for picture and videos? Having the two also creates unnecessary work for the mods, who would have to put the topics in the...
  5. TylerFerretLord

    Crabs Mating?

    Anyone in the 'crab club' observe their crabs doing this, or have a link to someone who has? Quoted from my picture thread:
  6. TylerFerretLord

    Shrimp Hybridization

    Something you hear about a lot in the shrimpkeeping hobby is that you cannot keep species from the same genus together or you will get hybrids. This has always come off with the same feeling as the 'stunted fish organs' myth, and I have never seen any evidence of this, just anecdotes and...
  7. TylerFerretLord


    Our cat had kittens. I have a camera. Kitty pictures were a natural part of this sequence. Mom: Kitties(4 in total):
  8. TylerFerretLord

    Difficulty With New Avatar.

    The old host of my rotating avatars has been down for a while now and I don't think it will come back. Because of this, I decided to switch to a different host. The only problem is the site won't accept the link to it. I'm not sure why, it work on other sites I go to. It is...
  9. TylerFerretLord

    Can We Get A Different Spoiler Tag?

    Right now, when you wrap something is spoiler tags, you get this: . It just makes the font and the font background the same color, effectively making it unreadable unless you highlight it, but it only hides text. Can the current board system have the other kind of spoiler tag that hides...
  10. TylerFerretLord

    Switching Over To A Box/corner Filter

    Well, having a HOB filter in a shrimp tank is a massive pain in the <insert bodypart>. I have to keep a sponge over the intake to keep them from being shredded by the impeller, but they crawl all over it and in it so when I clean it I have to pick nearly 50 shrimp out of the bucket each time. So...
  11. TylerFerretLord

    Hitchhikers In Freshwater Tanks & Ponds

    Freshwater ecosystems are much more diverse than our tanks can ever be, but nature certainly tries. Here's a list of things that can pop up in a tank unexpectedly. COMMON HITCHHIKERS Freshwater copepods(Cyclops) * Subclass Copepoda Danger: Harmless. How it gets in your tank: Food, Water...
  12. TylerFerretLord

    Brackish Invert Tank

    Well, I'm going to try to start up a new tank, this one featuring Hawaiian anchialine shrimp(Halocaridina rubra). Considering how absolutely tiny these guys are, fish are out of the question(also because they have a spine :shifty: ), so I've been looking into other brackish inverts that can be...
  13. TylerFerretLord


    Okay, before you read the rest watch this video. . . . Now tell me you don't want some in your tank. :wub: It is Asellus aquaticus, an omnivorous scavenger/detritivore freshwater isopod found in temperate waters. The males carry the females around. It is also adorable. C'mon, who can't love a...
  14. TylerFerretLord

    I'm Going To Drown In Snails.

    And no, not the pond snails that I encourage to reproduce. Apple snails. The kind that people suggest won't overrun a tank because they are gonochoristic. My female has just laid another clutch. I have another two waiting to hatch and two have already hatched. I look at my tank and I see at...
  15. TylerFerretLord

    Lampeye Killie, Aplocheilichthys Sp.

    When I was at my LFS the other day I was taken aback by how nice these little blue eyed gray fish looked. I've looked them up but have only found out the genus they are in and that they like to be in groups, so I want to know how to take care of these little guys. So a few questions: 1...
  16. TylerFerretLord

    M. Kulsiense

    Well, I recently found someone online that is selling these guys(for a good price too, 6 for about $20) and I've been after them for a while, so I figured I'd ask here. says that they're pretty peaceful and won't predate on other shrimp or fish, but I want to make sure. Sooo...
  17. TylerFerretLord

    One Of My Hermits

    One of my hermits decided to unbury himself earlier so I had him out for a bit. Really boring when they all decide to molt simultaneously(although I don't think he actually did molt). :lol: This was right before he pinched my palm hard enough to make it bleed. :rolleyes:
  18. TylerFerretLord

    Nikon D80

    Well, I'm getting more and more into photography so I think I should upgrade to a better camera. I'm thinking of going for the Nikon D80 since I've heard some good things about it, but I figure I should ask here just to see if it would be a good choice. Also, I'm going to get a macro lens...
  19. TylerFerretLord

    Show New Replies

    I was wondering if a 'Show new replies to your posts' feature could be added to the forums? Basically, it shows topics that you have posted in that have been replied to after your post and you haven't read yet. I use it all the time on other forums I go to that have it.
  20. TylerFerretLord

    One Of My Ghosts Is Off

    Well, when I first got them he was little more solidly colored than the others. However, he's been getting more and more blue as time goes by. Now he's almost totally opaque. Anyone have any idea what this could be? I've read about various parasites having intermediate stages in shrimp that make...