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  1. Aqua67

    My first berried RCS

    I’m very excited to find my first berried red cherry shrimp as a new shrimp keeper (2 mos). I thought I saw a white-ish patch developing underneath the shrimp and I’ve kept an eye on it, and sure enough they are turning into eggs, plain as day for the eye to see. I was looking to see if there...
  2. Aqua67

    Tiny critters on aquarium floor

    Above is a link to a short video of tiny critters near my shrimp at feeding time. They move in a twitchy type of swim and sometimes appear to hop. I am looking to identify these things. Are they daphnia? Are they baby amphipods? Are they something else (good or bad)? I think I’ve seen them...
  3. Aqua67

    Good small tank for a few shrimp and snails

    Can anyone recommend a good small tank and filter for less than 10 shrimp and a small amount of pond snails, ramshorns and some amphipods? I have a small 2.5 gallon Topfin desktop aquarium and the filter just took a dive on me. I can’t get it to work and never really loved it anyhow since it...
  4. Aqua67

    Digital Water Quality Meters and Keeping Tabs on Water Parameters

    Being new to shrimp keeping I acquired a TDS meter and I love how easy it is to just stick it in the water and receive a digital readout of the result. Is there an easy meter for the other parameters that we test water for? Something we don’t have to measure drops and wait 20 minutes for. It...
  5. Aqua67

    Strange Olive Nerite

    I have a 38 gallon tank kept at 75 degrees with a good amount of algae so I picked up a nerite snail to live in that tank and help clean out some of that algae. When I put the snail in that tank he won’t budge. Sits there for 3 days, doesn’t move at all. I take that same snail out and stick...
  6. Aqua67

    Pics of my tanks

  7. Aqua67

    New To Shrimp & Well Water

    Hi everyone, I've been keeping fish in planted tanks for over 30 years but have always lived in the city and used city water. Now I'm living in the country and have a well. We use potassium chloride and a product called Iron Out in our water softener. For this reason, I've been buying RO...