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  1. PondNash

    Snake found in my pond

    This was wayyyyy back in may of 2020, my pond resides in a garden and of course we have wildlife, foxes, frogs, rabbits, humming birds, and SNAKES, not the dangerous kind but there were garden snakes in our garden, and basically one day we found one snake stuck in my pond’s net (its there to...
  2. PondNash

    This is my pond

    This makes my fish look tiny but I assure you my koi are 15+ inches
  3. PondNash

    Introducing My Fish!

    Hi! So I have a fish pond outside, quite spacious. Some Fish have been eaten but we have extra precautions since then. i have 6 koi, all of which are 15+ inches, they have survived 2 winters, I have quite a bit of cometgoldfish, they had babies but we gave them away to keep our pond spacious...