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  1. Bluephoenix4462


    Hello, I used pimafix in my tank says safe for snails. About 2 hours later my snails started falling off the sides of the tank and were curling up into their shells. I immediately removed them into a quarantine tank and they are all fine now. Now my question is when will my main...
  2. Bluephoenix4462

    Cloudy water issue

    Water temperature 78, ammonia 0ppm, nitrite and nitrate 0ppm and pH 6.8. filter fluval U3 and large sponge filter. Not over feeding fish eat all food before hits the bottom. Tank vacuumed monthly for my cycle levels. I've tried api clarifier and tetra clarifier. Tank has been set up for 5...
  3. Bluephoenix4462

    Adding to my 36g community tank

    Hello, I'm looking for some ideas of what to add to my 36 gallon community tank. So far I have 3 rummy nose, 6 zebra danios, 3 sparkling gourami, 2 panda garra, and 7 corydoras.
  4. Bluephoenix4462

    Fluval U3 filter adjustment

    Hello, I was wondering how to adjust the strength of the flow of the fluval U3 filter. I know there is 3 different settings for it, I have it on the top for adding oxygen to the water but the flow is to strong I also have the nozzle directed at the back of the tank to try to slow the flow abit...
  5. Bluephoenix4462


    Hello, I have a 36 gallon bowfront aquarium, the current fish I have are 2 panda garra, 6 zebra danios, 5 sodalis corydoras, 1 peppered corydora, and 2 sparkling gourami. Definitely want to add more to my tank so any suggestions would be great. Current filter for the tank is fluval u3...
  6. Bluephoenix4462

    Need help

    Hello, Ive been having a issue with my Sodalis corydoras. I've had 2 out of 5 die removed them immediately they didnt look to have anything physically wrong with them. Now I have another one thats acting off like the other 2, swims in the same spot constantly doesn't swim with the rest of the...