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  1. Sunnyspots

    When did you get into breeding fish?

    Are you keeping the air above the gourami warm and moist for development of their breathing apparatus? My honey gourami bred themselves and I've just kept the air moist and fed them Hikari First Bites and brine shrimp. They are about 7 weeks old and already look like little fish.
  2. Sunnyspots

    Filter Advice

    Sorry I'm a bit late!! Everything has been answered by the look of it. Btw the filter is overpowered for the tank so if you have fish who prefer lighter flow you might be wise to get a different filter anyway. :)
  3. Sunnyspots

    First tank, Superfish 80l

    Having lost all 3 female peacock gudgeons because they jumped out and found Hector guarding a cave, I now have peacock fry and 7 more young peacocks I had bought to shoal with Hector. I didn't believe Hector had eggs. I tried to move the fry and caught about 5 who now live in the fry tank. The...
  4. Sunnyspots

    Introducing Myself

    Hello 👋 and welcome.
  5. Sunnyspots

    Fish all gone AWOL

    I found two of the fish :( . They were behind the cupboard where I couldn't see them but my daughter could. The third might still appear but I suspect she jumped out too, and Hector doesn't have eggs he is feeling lonely. I've ordered him 7 playmates to arrive Friday and I've fixed a small...
  6. Sunnyspots

    simple question

    I wouldn't opt for a bare bottomed tank just because I both grow plants and also prefer the aesthetic. However, I think I would find it more disorientating floating over a mirror bottomed pool than in a mirror walled pool. It certainly carries face validity that fish should do so as seeing...
  7. Sunnyspots

    Frozen themed walstad jar

    It's looking lovely!
  8. Sunnyspots

    simple question

    I have a tank with very little substrate so there are blank holes where it has moved aside when I've added water. The baby fish in there seem to avoid swimming over the holes as if they dislike them - fitting Colin's and Byron's assessments.
  9. Sunnyspots

    Feeding fry in a community tank

    So no filtration?
  10. Sunnyspots

    Another bizarre U.K. tank on eBay…(btw it’s not mine mods).

    Cheap postage all things considered.
  11. Sunnyspots

    simple question

    Unless the outside is brighter than inside the tank it's always going to be pretty reflective for fish all around the sides. There is probably not a great difference between blue and black unless the blue is very pale. To the fish in a bright tank it must be a bit like being watched through a 2...
  12. Sunnyspots

    Fish all gone AWOL

    Not that I could see. I couldn't see round the nearside corners though, and the plant and reflections got in the way.
  13. Sunnyspots

    Feeding fry in a community tank

    I knew there must be a more obvious solution! I'm brain dead this morning. I assume I should then float it in the community tank so it can 'borrow' the filtration from that tank?
  14. Sunnyspots

    Sticky glue on Prime measuring cap

    It's also worth considering if Seachem would really use a fish toxic glue on their caps. ;)
  15. Sunnyspots

    Feeding fry in a community tank

    I need to move my gourami fry to make space for new fry. If I move these older fry into the community tank how can I be sure they'll get their fry food? They don't come for it, but they can come across it in the smaller fry tank. I'm afraid it'll be lost in the larger tank.
  16. Sunnyspots

    Fish all gone AWOL

    The only action I have seen remains occasional forays by Hector from his cave. I was up in the night and watched for a while. Nothing. The fact that Hector is very much alive makes me think the others haven't all been wiped out by something. I know peacocks can be very aggressive when guarding...
  17. Sunnyspots

    Ideal range of Nitrates in a Planted Tank?

    It's certainly less than 20 for tanks with fish. Without fish, I don't know if it would really matter except for the risk of algae overgrowth.
  18. Sunnyspots

    simple question

    And me. Black.