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  1. fishperson100

    Walstad Method

    Have any of you every tried the Walstad method? I was thinking about setting up some nano aquariums with shrimp and snails using this method, but I was wondering if any of you have tried it. Link explaining it -
  2. fishperson100

    GPH for Aquarium?

    Hey guys, so I have a 10 gallon aquarium right now. It has two goldfish and two bronze corydoras in it (for keep algae off the substrate). I was thinking about upgrading the filter since it is for a 10 gallon, but goldfish are messy, and one of them is 6 in long. What would you suggest for...
  3. fishperson100

    Favorite Aquarium Books

    Hey all! I’m thinking about purchasing some aquarium books to have on hand (and because they are fun to read :)). Do you guys have any suggestions?
  4. fishperson100

    Petco Dollar a Gallon Sale

    Hey all! Do any of you know when the next Dollar a Gallon sale is? My sibling and I are getting some leopard geckos, and I am waiting to get the 20 gallon long tank. I would rather pay $20 than $40:)
  5. fishperson100

    Treating Fin Rot

    Hi! I've got a bronze corydoras catfish that has fin rot on the dorsal fin. I am way over due for a water change, so I just did a small one now, and plan to do one in the morning. In the tank is another bronze cory and a goldfish. I am unable to give the water parameters because I do not...
  6. fishperson100

    Surprising fiskeeping moments?

    What have been your surprising fiskeeping moments? I had a fish in a bowl once, did a water change, was putting it back on the desk, and I dropped it! Found the fish on the floor alive! I put him back in the bowl with more water. I also was siphoning water from my 10 gallon when the tube...
  7. fishperson100

    Smaller Crickets for Leopard Gecko?

    Hi all! I am interested in keeping leopard geckos, so I'm researching them before I do any buying : ) I was wondering, since they eat crickets, and that is probably what I'd feed them, can you feed adult leopard geckos smaller crickets than they are supposed to eat? (And then just feed them...
  8. fishperson100

    60 useful posts?

    Hello everybody! So I was reading through the rules one day when I found that you are supposed to have 60 useful posts before you are allowed to use the chat room. So my question is, how do you figure out if you have 60 useful posts? I may think my posts are useful, but others may not.
  9. fishperson100

    Bearded Dragon and Rankin's Dragon?

    Hello all! So, I just had a few questions about keeping a bearded dragon or a Rankin's Dragon (well, a lot actually:)) So I will try to make this as short as possible. 1. How big of a tank do bearded dragon's need? - I've heard it should be at least 36x18x12 in. or 4x2x2x ft. I do not have...
  10. fishperson100

    Why the need for such light stocking in marine tanks?

    Hi everybody! I feel like this is a silly question, but I am going to ask it anyway. So, how come you have to stock marine tanks light than fresh and coldwater tanks? Do they just produce a lot more waste? Thanks! - Fishperson100
  11. fishperson100

    Vacation Feeders?

    Hi! So I am going on vacation, and we have 2 bettas. I bought some of those block feeders, which says it feeds them for a week. It also says to use in circulated water. I don't have any filtration in the tanks (1 gallon, 1/2 gallon). They won't be fed for about 4 1/2 days. Will they water...
  12. fishperson100

    Bloated Betta

    Hey everybody! So, one of our bettas has been looking a little fat lately, and today he has been sometimes just letting himself float on his side. I don't know if he is constipated or has swim bladder disease, so I was going to let him fast for a few days, and change a bit of water everyday...
  13. fishperson100

    10 gallon marine aquarium?

    Hey everybody! So, I have thought of starting a saltwater aquarium, and I have a 10 gallon tank. Are you guys able to tell me what equipment I need, as well as stocking and maintenance? I know my options for stocking are limited, as it is a 10 gallon. Thanks for your help!
  14. fishperson100

    Tank choices?

    Hi everybody! So, currently, I have a goldfish in one tank with 2 catfish (Corydoras aeneus). I know they don't belong together, I didn't know better at the time when I got one of them. I will be moving the goldfish to a pond (seeing as how he is like 6 in long). I was planning on getting...
  15. fishperson100

    Killifish choices?

    Hello everybody! So, I was thinking about getting a killifish in the future. Is someone able to tell me, what types are the best for a killifish beginner, the tank setup, care, and where to get them? Currently I have a 10 gallon tank with a nice HOB filter. Also, are the Corydoras aeneus...