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  1. Sunnyspots

    Feeding fry in a community tank

    I need to move my gourami fry to make space for new fry. If I move these older fry into the community tank how can I be sure they'll get their fry food? They don't come for it, but they can come across it in the smaller fry tank. I'm afraid it'll be lost in the larger tank.
  2. Sunnyspots

    Fish all gone AWOL

    My peacock gudgeons have always been out at the front of the tank swimming around sociably and rushing to the top if I come near in case I have food. When I gravel vacuum I have to dodge around them and they follow my hands when I'm altering things in the tank. Suddenly, it all stopped. I don't...
  3. Sunnyspots

    Used tank water in water butt?

    Could I put my used tank water in my water butt? It seems a waste to throw it on the garden after rain and much more useful to have it ready for when the garden does need watering. Has anyone tried it? My water butts have good lids with no light ingress.
  4. Sunnyspots

    My brine shrimp haven't hatched, why?

    I followed all the instructions, but there was a power outtage of unknown length one night. Could that have been the problem? What might I have done wrong?
  5. Sunnyspots

    Ways to feed baby brine shrimp

    I've made a hatchery in about 5 pints of water - to submerge the heater. When they hatch tomorrow can I pipette them straight from the hatchery to the fry tank? Will they survive in it at all and swim around a bit?
  6. Sunnyspots

    Gourami fry 3 weeks old

    I'm really proud of my babies!
  7. Sunnyspots

    3 Striped African Glass Catfish

    I'm having trouble with AqAdvisor not recognising these. Can anyone here let me know if I can stock a 300l (75g) tank, 150cm long, with 6 or 7 of these alongside 10 golden barb 10 glowlight tetra 5 honey gourami (possibly) 10 bleeding heart tetras (to be added when tank mature) One side of the...
  8. Sunnyspots

    Moving an 80 litre tank

    I'm having building work done to make space for a bigger tank. I need to move both my main tanks out of the room. Do I need to totally empty them - including substrate and plants - before moving the tanks themselves? Or can substrate and plants stay in place?
  9. Sunnyspots

    Soft water plants

    None of my plants are doing very well. Even fast growers stay still - no growth at all. But I need growing plants to help cycle my 'unexpected fry' tank. My water is really soft, GH 3, and I see many plants prefer hard water. Is there anything I could use with my soft water?
  10. Sunnyspots

    Breeding honey gouramis

    Has anyone else tried breeding them? I have a few from an unexpected (within 24 hrs of getting them) breeding and wondered if there is a point at which it is critical to keep the air humid and warm for them to develop their labyrinths, or must it be so from day one?
  11. Sunnyspots


    I think I've spotted a planarium. Should I do something about it? If so what should I use (I'm in the UK so may not have access to some medication used elsewhere)?
  12. Sunnyspots

    Do I need conditioned water for planted tank?

    It is only planted, no fish or invertebrates. Can I use straight tap water?
  13. Sunnyspots

    Hernia?! Please help

    I'm worried Hector's guts are hanging out....
  14. Sunnyspots

    How many litres for single aggressive honey gourami?

    I have an aggressive honey gourami who even attacks his mate (and she's pretty mean too!). I've had to remove him from the community tank for the sake of the other fish and isolate him. He's currently in the hospital tank. What size tank would be appropriate for him long term?
  15. Sunnyspots

    Downgrading filter but lose cycled media

    My tank has an internal compartment to house the filter. The current filter is much too powerful and I bought a less powerful version of the same thing to replace it. The problem is that the less powerful one has only a sponge and no ceramic media, unlike the current filter. If I do a straight...
  16. Sunnyspots

    Eggs or constipation?

    This female has been repeatedly cajoled into entering the heater vents but doesn't lay any eggs. Is it because she can't? Do I need to do something? I tried peas in case she is constipated (another fish from the shop was) but she won't eat them.
  17. Sunnyspots

    Snail food supplement for low GH

    Anyone able to suggest a supplement for my nerite snails' shells which won't alter pH?
  18. Sunnyspots

    Male showing off chest

    I'm having a spot of bother getting a pair of honey gouramis. I reckon I havec2 males (again!) but wondered if their behaviour might help clarify. One is in full breeding colours and keeps floating vertically showing his chest to the other. Is this flirting or an aggressive show?
  19. Sunnyspots

    Playing in the filter stream?

    I've just bought a pair of honey gouramis and was concerned the filter might be a little strong for them, however the male keeps launching himself into the flow and going round in circles up and down with it. Should I be worried? All the other fish are sensibly keeping away from that particular...
  20. Sunnyspots

    Shrimps in soft water

    Could I have some sort of shrimp with a KH and GH around 2 or 3?