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  1. Malex530

    Wanted: Any Rooted Low-Tech Plant.

    WANTED: Any Rooted  Low -Tech Plant    Age and condition: Healthy  Quantity needed:  2-3  Reason for need: Planting a tank  Delivery or Collection: Delivery Sales price: Low as possible. (free if possible) Postage & Packaging Price: Low as possible as well Location: Chicago, IL  
  2. Malex530

    10 Gallon Aquarium.......indostomus Crocodilus

    Hey everyone! This is my first time starting a journal. I have been wanting to help keep fish from going extinct, and recently, I found my chance. Indostomus C. are an endangered species (info from the ICUN red list) native to Thailand. They are fairly easy to maintain and breed. They are...
  3. Malex530

    Discus Madness?

    Hey everyone! So i'm just getting into heckel discus and i came across discus madness. Now from what I have read, heckel discus have not been breed in captivity. I was wondering if the heckels they have for sale are actually tank raised discus or if they are wild caught.  Thanks! in advance. 
  4. Malex530

    Plant Identification

    Hey everyone! So there is a plant in my aquarium I really need help identifying. I don't have a picture as my camera is broken. All I can do is describe it. It is not a rooted plant. It's a stem plant. It has a red stem. It's leaves are green and very broad. It is very tall and apparently it's a...
  5. Malex530

    After A Lot Of Thinking.........

    Hey everyone! After lots (and trust me, I mean LOTS). I have decided I am going to get a 30 or 40 gallon aquascape container pond. You may remember my earlier pond post. Sadly itwas destroyed by heavy rainfall. A rock sliped and made a giant hole in the cycling pond. So my new plan is to get a...
  6. Malex530

    Brown Algae!?!?!?!

    How do i get rid of this in a 10 gallon with shrimp. I have tried everything! Its just starting to drive me crazy! 
  7. Malex530

    Possibly Sick Kribensis?!?!?!

    I have a female kribensis who has started hiding in the cave. This morning when she was out it looked like she had dropsy. A few scales are coming off as well as a lot of mucus. The fins might have fin rot a they look cut up. She is breathing very rapidly. I cant get any pictures as she wont...
  8. Malex530


    So my blue rams have literaly just finished spawning. They both stayed together for a little but the male chased her away. Every time she tries to go close to them the male chases her away all the way around the tank and leaves the eggs for like a few minutes. He still goes to them but if...
  9. Malex530

    European Larch Cones?

    Hey everyone!!!! I have lots of larch cones and was wondering if I could put them i my tank to lower ph for Amazonian fish. I have heard of Alder cones but not larch. Is it possible?
  10. Malex530


    Hey everyone! I'm not really sure were this question belongs but ill post it here! I have heard of almond leaves in aquariums but instead of buying them I was wondering if soursop had the same effect or even if it is safe? I have TONS AND TONS of them in my house for some tea. Sre these toxic...
  11. Malex530


    Hey everyone! I have found little info if Acipenser ruthenus is legal in Illinois. If you don't know, this is a sturgeon. Also one additional question,   can I leave them out in a Chicago winter? that might be way to cold but, goldfish can survive so I'm not sure. I would be keeping them along...
  12. Malex530

    Breeder Box?

    Hey everyone! I have two baby platies in a 10 gal and their parents plus a betfa has been hunting them more lately. To keep them safe should I put them in a breeder box? They have been doing well hiding in the driftwood, cabomba, and watter lettuce. I don't know whag to do though. Sorry if there...
  13. Malex530

    Checkerboard Cichlid

    Beautiful fish! I have looked everywhere for them! I can't find any in my area though. Is there anywhere special i can buy them? 
  14. Malex530

    Amazon Biotope?

    Hey everyone i have a 40 gal wich i am trying to make into a amazon biotope. So far i have angels, cardinals and bleeding heart tetras that are all doing fine. As for the decor and plants what kinds of plants should i use? i have an amazon sword a crypt, some stem plant witch i have no...
  15. Malex530

    Platy Fry Question?

    Hey everyone! im not exactly sure im posting in the right forum but i am going to ask the question anyway.    So about a week ago i noticed i had a few baby platies in my tank. it has been a week and now they are about .4 inches. One has black outlined on his fins and one has just regular clear...
  16. Malex530


    Hey everyone! I am planning a pond. Not like the waterfall pond I have planned. This one is going to be about 200 gallons. I wanted sticklebacks but I'm not sure for tankmates for them. Everyone says they are aggressive so I'm kinda stumped.
  17. Malex530

    Hillstream Loaches?

    Hey everyone! I am planning a hilstream loach tank and I needed some help. I was wondering if the fish would be compatable Assorted loaches Gobys. The ones from Danio Flower shrimp I think. Also places to buy the loaches? Thanks! If it helps I live in chicago.
  18. Malex530

    River Pond Setup?

    Hello everyone! Before we get to discussing I have a river that leads to a pond that is about 150 gallons. The river part is about 4 inches deep, with rocks that have algae. The pond has lots of plants in thick patches. I have most plants around the edges and corners. I have rocks in the middle...
  19. Malex530

    Brackish Help?

    Ok so I am planning a brackish tank.i had a list of fish I want and I have researched them for months. Fish: Archer Sailfin/black Molly Anableps Fig 8 puffer Bumblebee goby Indian mudskipper Pan sole Please can you guys tell me an appropriate tank size for all of these? Feel free to...