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  1. Willow59

    Scutariella Japonica - Shrimp Stopped Breeding

    I had a thriving colony of Bloody Mary Shrimp that went from 12 to 300 in roughly nine months. I noticed Scutariella Japonica, the parasitic nematode, in late December so I culled down to 2 dozen and did salt dips on 12/27, 12/29, and 12/31, followed by a month of quarantine to remove their...
  2. Willow59

    Betta's Fin Rot?

    Does anyone have input on what this bump could be under the scales on my betta's head, just above the eye?
  3. Willow59

    New to TFF

    Just wanted to say hello! I've kept freshwater fish since '99 and recently got into saltwater in late '19. Looking forward to learning from others and see what everyone is up to here! This is the freshwater tank that I recently adopted and am cleaning up.