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    I'd agree with the above-the best place in the UK for planted tank goods. Always responsive and prompt. The gear is top notch. I rarely use anywhere else. It isn't always good for you bank balance though! Nick
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    Starting Over

    Sounds like you had a rather bad experience that I think is pretty rare. You could wash them off I guess using a snail-icide, so to speak. I guess they are copper based? Alternatively I would use a different retailer. If really is nearly impossible to get rid of all snails.
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    Can U Glue Java Moss(w/ Silicone) To A Slate Or Driftwood

    I'd stick to fishing line or cotton if I were you. Leave the silicon to holding the tank together! :D
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    Plants Online

    Depends what you are looking for. I've tried most online retailers. The best results are from those who can get Tropica plants-I've used Birstall in the past. Excellent service and absolutely A1 plants. Also try Aquaessentials. If you want the best, then go to a Tropica retailer.
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    Substrate Heating...

    I agree with the 'no' camp. I had a Dennerle one in my full Dennerle system. Eventually I turned if off. I noticed no negative impact on the plants, in fact the Crypts (big nutrient feeders) seemed to do better. I personally think they are a waste of money. Spend the cash on a decent...
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    Amazon Swords Rotting

    Try some root tabs. Swords and Crpyts like nice nutritious substrates, and contrary to popular belief, laterite isn't the best for providing nutrients-it has a lot of iron but has a low cation exchange capacity-in other words, it isn't very good at binding other important nutrients. Whenever...
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    Craynerds Planted Tank Mk.2

    Hi Chris Looking good-just keep those hands out for now and don't trim! Ammonia may be a little worrying, but I wouldn't worry too much about the shrimp-I had a major issue a filter in my standby tank where I kept the livestock prior to setting up the new tank. I lost a lot of fish, but no...
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    Craynerds Planted Tank Mk.2

    Chris, Looking very good mate. Leave the background out-you don't have bright walls so it looks just fine-Neil must've been referring to my orange walls earlier! Don't get hung up on any algae issues or anything. Expect to get a little of the brown stuff-perfectly normal at the beginning...
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    4x39w T5 Too Much For A 40g Us Tank?

    Hi 3.9 WPG will be fine - but you need to be cranking your CO2. You MUST plant very heavily. Ditto for the 5 or so WPG case, although you may be walking a bit more of a tight rope. Some folk will use up to 9-10 WPG, but they will have a lot of experience in plant tanks. Nutrient deficientcy...
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    What Is The Best Substrate?

    Sam is referring to Red Sea's Flora Base-a very similar soil to Aquasoil, but to be honest, no less expensive if you look around. I use Aquasoil at the moment and it is the best thing I've used. I'm a big fan of nutrient rich substrates-I've a journal on AE forum at the moment-you can see my...
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    Small Foreground Plant

    Hi In answer to your question regarding lower light foreground plants, you could consider Marsilea hirsuta. It is like a aquatic four leaf clover, and should grow in lower light tanks quite well. It has a simiilar creeping habit to Glossostigma, but is a much slower growing plant and thus...
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    Liquid Fert?

    Get some Tropica Master Grow. I've been using it on and off for years now. As Chris said, it's been re-bradned Tropica Plant Nutriion. If you want a do it all liquid, they've added Plant Nutrition Plus, which also adds N and P to the original formulation, which contains K and Mg already. I...
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    Planted People Going

    An interesting admission there Madcaow! I must admit I've not recently heard someone describe themselves in such terms before-perhaps it means something else in Australia! I guess the hot weather over here is keeping people from there machines and everyone is getting out and about-always seems...
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    Wpg Question.........

    Add up number of watts for all your tubes and divide by tank volume. Conventionally, it is referenced in US gallons, as this is where the measurement kind of sprang from. It's really just a rule of thumb though, given that all lighting systems are not equal. Nick
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    When Tanks Go Bad

    George is right-I used 2 whole bags of Aqua soil (9 L) in my Rio 125, plus 1 bag of Powersand Special S. To be honest, a 9 L bag of Aquasoil is really no more expensive than Flourite, Aquabase or any of the other popular 100% substrates. I think it is £25.99/bad compared to 24.99 for...
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    When Tanks Go Bad

    Gutting. If I might say that tank was looking great, with real potential. I am surprised it went downhill so quickly. I had some issues in the past, much more slow burning, with a similar algae. It seemed to coincide with me adding extra Flourish Iron-a bad mistake in the end too. I guess...
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    This My Tank And I May Need Help Lol

    I think you're right Chris-a tank that deep might need a MH over it to get the penetration. T5's/power compacts won't penetrate deeply enough.
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    This My Tank And I May Need Help Lol

    Hi Interesting looking tank there-you seem quite amused by it! Anyway, Flourite is generally used on it's own. Some folk don't like it and then add a covering of grit whatever..Bear in mind that the Flourite and gravel/sand will probably mix over time defeating the object of having a layered...
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    Doing Things Right.

    Buck I'd suggest you have a look at ADA Aquasoil Since your in the US you can buy from ADG in Houston-look them up: Aquarium Design Group. A lot of people have been using this substrate recently with huge success-it is very rich in nutrients and is ideal where you don't want to use other...
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    Mixing Fertalizers

    I wouldn't see a problem in mixing Flourish and Fl. Iron together-Flourish contains chelated iron already so adding some Fl. Iron to it should be a problem. As mentioned above, it is the tendency for PO4 to react, particularly with Fe which usually causes concern when dosing. Nick