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  1. J

    Please help disease identification

    is this ick?? just got these fish in, no white spots on others or any white spots anywhere else on body, just on the top, if not what is it?
  2. J

    Stocking 30 gallon

    Hey all, I currently have a 20g tank with some corys and neon tetras and just bought a 30 gallon for $10 on Craigslist (how could I not lol). Have some Cory eggs and planning to put the babies in the 30 when they are big enough, looking to turn it into a peaceful community tank (or something...
  3. J

    Help with Cory eggs

    Hey all, I woke up this morning to Cory eggs all over the side of my tank. I did some research and quickly found out the would become fish food if not rescued so got my old betta tank out, probably about 2 gallons, threw some sand and a plant in, took the eggs out with a credit card and put a...