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  1. SJ2K

    Strange Light Failure

    So I went home yesterday to find the stock light in my juwel rekord 80 was out, after taking off the hood and looking I could see the bulb wasnt completly dead as both ends of the tube would still glow orange when plugged in. I assumed it was just the faulty tube as ive had it nearly 12 months...
  2. SJ2K

    Quik Update

    Well, my first planted tank's had time to 'grow in' a bit, a few changes here and there. At The Start Now Obviously terrible quality but you get the idea.
  3. SJ2K

    Piranha Tim

    I couldnt help but notice the vast amounts of topics started asking questions which have been asked before :) So let me offer you some usefull links, to save people repeating themselfs. Tff Search Google RBP Fact File If you still cant find the asnwers, then a topic is born :P Good luck.
  4. SJ2K

    So We Have Eggs...

    Ok, had these blue rams for a grand total of aroud 3/4 days, they've pared off and just laid a handsome amount of eggs on a piece of mopani. Dad is being super protective as expect and all is looking well (provided the white spot med i added as a precaution doesnt effect them?). How long can I...
  5. SJ2K

    Flourish Excell To Kill Algae

    Just want to clear a few things up. Ive heard dosing (or even over dosing?) on excell can kill off black beard algae and it looks like thats the route ill need to take, amano shrimp are doing a poor job so here goes. What sort of dosage and frequency are we looking at? It does say in the...
  6. SJ2K

    Do Oto's Eat...

    Black hair/beard algae? I know this is the wrong place to ask but it gets the most traffic so nerr :P Ideally id get amano shrimp but they dont seem to exist in LFS's around here and i dont fancy forkin out £20/30 for a few shrimp online. So, oto's any chance? Obviously brown algae seems to be...
  7. SJ2K

    Fissidens Splachnobryoides

    Anyone have any experience with this plant? Ive been concidering it as a carpet for my low light tank :)
  8. SJ2K

    Advice On Lighting Upgrade

    hey, i want to upgrade my lighting (currently just have the standard 18w juwel lighting unit in an 80l/20g tank)...Looking at the interpet compact t5 but really dont know what to go with. Id like to go from my currently 1wpg to around 2/2.5WPG but i have no idea how large the tubes are :)...
  9. SJ2K

    Londons New Mega Aquarium, Coming 2011

    Not sure if this has been mentioned yet but ive just read the article and thought it seemed interesting :). Opinions welcome... Click Here
  10. SJ2K

    Time For A Change

    After a long, hot and sweaty thursday afternoon I finally got round to re-doing the tank :) it needed it ;)...O and sorry about quality, only taken on my phone. Before: After:
  11. SJ2K

    Ferts For Low-light

    Im sure ive read about this before but im struggling to find a precise answer, im thinking of re-vamping my tank to a planted set up (Whey!). I want to keep it simple to start with though, i want to start with low light (1WPG), nutrient rich substrate (probably laterite under sand, or root...
  12. SJ2K

    Eheim Aquaball

    Is it just mine thats louder then Graham Nortons wardrobe? I was expecting a bit of noise to start with as air makes it way out but im very surprised its continued to make the same humming/vibrating noise hours after?
  13. SJ2K

    Why Are They Shoaling?

    Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate are all fine, no new 'threats', why on earth are my tetras all shoaling? Need any more details, just specify.
  14. SJ2K

    Just A Few Shots

    Im afraid its all pritty low quality due to it being on my phone but anyway, heres a couple of pictures and me and my partners FW community :) Before adding java And after Food! Not the best quality but you get the idea :) Any comments welcome :good:
  15. SJ2K

    Unique Characteristics Of These 2

    Ok, ive either got a young bristlenose plec or a young sail fin, I would post photos but the quality would be so bad its just not worth it. Can we get a list with/or pictures to help dicide on some characteristics unique to either species? Many Thanks Sam
  16. SJ2K

    Uv For Bacterial Bloom?

    Any chance a UV filter can clear up a bacterial bloom?
  17. SJ2K

    List Of Well Armoured Cats?

    Put this in the 'Other Catfish' thread with no luck. "Ok so I may be starting an Mbuna set up in the new year and im well aware that only well "armoured" catfish are suitable to withstand the occasional pecs. Can we get a list together of all appropriate tough catfish? Ones I know that would be...
  18. SJ2K

    List Of Well Armoured Cats

    Ok so I may be starting an Mbuna set up in the new year and im well aware that only well "armoured" catfish are suitable to withstand the occasional pecs. Can we get a list together of all appropriate tough catfish? Ones I know that would be ok so far are: Bristle nose Plecs. Most Synodontis...
  19. SJ2K

    Essential Tank Size For Gn

    Nice and simple, what would you say is the minimum dimensions needed to keep a healthy Gold Nugget Plec? Thanks.
  20. SJ2K

    So Its Official, 180 Is Too Small?

    Well from what ive been reading it sounds very much like my intended Rio 180 (40 x 20 x 16), dispite the fact that those measurments give me 55 USg (Cant be right surely?! The measurements are the same on each site yet the calculator says 207l? I know some will be lost by hardware but thats alot...