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  1. SJ2K

    450L Tank - What Would You Stock And Why?!

    Any updates?
  2. SJ2K

    Fluval Fx5

    Someone who used to come here called Adam I think (wasnt very popular due to his stocking) had an fx5 with a 450tank. This really is racking my brains from a few years back mind you. Best to either get the dimensions online or check a larger fish store and see it in person. *Edit* I think he...
  3. SJ2K

    450L Tank - What Would You Stock And Why?!

    African Cichlids
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    Is It A Good Idea To Put Guppy Fry In Newly Cycled Tank ?

    Cycled for 1 week? Did you use mature media to achieve this? Either way its always a risk with sensitive fry, personally I wouldnt be too worried, your guppies will start dropping very regular and sooner or later youll see them as a pain ;)
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    6Ft Planted Discus Tank

    Get a simple straight on shot and post it for tank of the month, good job.
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    The Stolen River A Journal With Questions

    Bare in mind although unlikely in such a large tank it is possible for angels to eat slim bodied tetra. Granted you probably wouldnt notice in such large numbers but something to bare in mind perhaps. I've kept most species of tetra and I can say I actually really like the look of deeper bodied...
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    Dehumidifier Water?

    If its anything like RO water it isnt suitable (atleast not in large quantities) for most common tropical fw tanks. Saying that im far from an expert so you may hear conflicting information.
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    Looking For A Loach/plec

    Best way to tell the difference between a juvi BN and common? If its not a reputable supplier who you know and trust, dont get either. Most fish stores ive been to wont think twice before selling you a common or gibby. Pitbull are easy to tell from commons, safer bet.
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    Can I Feed Fish Aubergine?

    Its fine :)
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    Superglue On Spraybar

    Good to see im not alone with the spray bar option, personally I ditched it all together and just have an open output. Using an eheim internal for aeration.
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    Eheim Help Please!

    Its no consolation but this feature or lack of feature really irritated me about this filter, in the end I ditched mine and went with the tetratec. If it seems to be working ok just abit noisy, just cover the filter with a blanket or similar muffler.
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    Wanting To Create A Moss Wall And Carpet

    Moss Wall/Carpet
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    60 Litre 'new' Fish Tank How Many Fish Can I Have?

    *Edited* See youve actually already got those fish so its too late to say its a bad idea...Good Luck :)
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    Fluval Edge With Led Light Setup

    Looks like a salty tank with an alien fw fish in it :P nice though if your into the modern clean look :)
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    Stocking Of My Tank

    Yup as you said Corys would be a good idea, aim for around 6. Pandas, Julii etc are all great species :) Enjoy.
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    Who Remebers Dave Oddballs?

    Name rings a bell, blast from the past. Possibly given up fish keeping.
  17. SJ2K

    Is There An Alternative To The Jbl Diffuser?

    Not thought about getting a nano diffuser? then it can be hidden towards the bottom by planting/decor. Im sure Supercoley will give a more detailed answer though ;) Nano Deffuser Example
  18. SJ2K

    Not Impressed

    For a start id point the spray bar across the surface, if its aimed down and constantly stirring things up your going to get particles floating around. Dead spots are near enough impossible to avoid without a few powerheads, just clean them up with your weekly/bi-weekly water changes.
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    Only Had Them 5 Days! Pic...

    I kept mine with all the fish food under the tank, should do just fine :)