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  1. Wonderboy

    Golden Zebra Botia

    Will golden zebra botias eat shrimp (ie: bumble bee, amano, red cherry, etc...) Thanks, Wonderboy!
  2. Wonderboy

    80 Gallon Journal

    This is a Journal that I started February 4th (Sunday) at another webstie, but I wanted to share with you guys as well! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Okay - after a huge wait, I finally...
  3. Wonderboy

    20 Gallon Re-scape

    Hey all - I re-scaped my 20 gallon: What fo you think? ~ Wonderboy!
  4. Wonderboy

    Pearl Shrimp?

    I was given this little shrimp today. It looks like a ghost shrimp, but it came bagged all by itself and was labeled pearl shrimp from the supplier. What do you think? ~ Brant
  5. Wonderboy

    2.5 Gallon Project

    Figured I'd keep track of the progress! I actually set this up last week, but here is how it looks now: Plants: There's glosso in front, java fern on the twig, four-leaf clover in the back, and java moss hiding behind the rock wall. CO2: 3 Nutrafin units T-lined together into the filter intake...
  6. Wonderboy

    Know Your Killies?

    I have no idea what one of these are, but I do have a good idea of what three of these may be, but, with those, I want to double check... 1 2 3 4 Thanks! ~ Wonderboy!
  7. Wonderboy

    How Many Watts

    How many watts do I need for high lighting in an 80 gallon tank (apprx: 48"L x 18"D x 20"H) What kind of lighting - would this work?
  8. Wonderboy

    New Pressurized Co2

    I recently got pressurized CO2 for my 20 us gallon tank - what can I do to figure the ppm at 28ish, and how do I figure how many bubbles per minute I need????? ~ Wonderboy!
  9. Wonderboy

    80 Us Gallon

    Hey all - I plan on converting my 80 US gallon (48"L x 18"D x 24"H) into a planted tank. I will be using automated pressurized CO2. I will also be using EI. My Questions are: 1. What substrate do you prefer or think I should look into getting? 2. How much wattage (apx.) should I put over...
  10. Wonderboy


    Hey everyone! I have this reactor. My question is: can I put this on my light timer as well as my solenoid?? ~ Wonderboy!
  11. Wonderboy

    Ph Controller

    How important is the ph controller for automated CO2? ~ Wonderboy!
  12. Wonderboy


    I have never worked with glossostigma, and I was wondering if the people who have successfully could give me some pointers on how to plant, prune, trim, care, etc etc... This would help me greatly. Thankyou. ~ Wonderboy!
  13. Wonderboy

    Automated Co2

    What would I need to make this automatic? Solenoid? PH controller? Also, do you think this will work for a 20 gallon - are the components in this kit safe to trust and work with??? Thanks, Wonderboy!
  14. Wonderboy


    How many watts would you recommend in order to grow glossostigma successfully in a 2.5 US gallon tank? Dimensions! = 12"L x 6"D x 8"H Thanks, Wonderboy!
  15. Wonderboy

    Sparkling Water

    I was talking to this guy in my lfs, and he said that one of his friends used to just pour carbonated water from a 2 liter into his tank in order to give the plants the CO2 they needed. Was this guy totally crazy, or would this work in some way?? ~ Wonderboy!
  16. Wonderboy

  17. Wonderboy

    Your Opinion....

    Is this a good deal for my 80 planted US gallon tank (that begins early February!! :))? Thanks, Wonderboy!
  18. Wonderboy

    Glass Bloodfin Tetras

    I've had times before where I wake in the morning and stroll over to my tanks and unfortunately find a crispy fish on the floor, but never have I woke up and strolled over to my tank and discovered 5 fish on the floor. They were all glass bloodfin tetras and 3 were still alive, so I returned...
  19. Wonderboy

    20 Gallon Planted Tank

    Hey Everyone! I "re-did" my 20 gallon tank. Hope it's approved! Suggestions/comments greatly encouraged! ~ Wonderboy!!
  20. Wonderboy

    Eel Compatability:

    Can 2 tire track eels (3" each) room with 1 fire eel (also 3")? ~ Wonderboy!