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    Why is my angelfish swimming sideways?

    We have a large fish tank at work filled with a variety of fish. Two angelfish being among them. Unfortunately one of them started swimming sideways like this, and we removed him to avoid the other fish attacking. What could this be and what can we do? I did notice a small cloudy spot on his body.
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    Tank mates

    Hello, I currently have a 5 gallon fish tank with live sand and I’ve recently been given a 20 gallon fish tank with the artificially colored gravel. I’ve been very excited for this upgrade and can’t wait to decorate and add more fish. I currently have one female betta, and kuhli loach and a...
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    What is wrong with my Dalmatian Molly?

    My Dalmatian molly is acting funny. He kind of wobbles when he swims, his tail looks like it’s been chewed off, he puts himself vertically between a plant and the glass, and doesn’t appear to be eating very much. I have three other fish in the tank along with him and it’s not happening with any...