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    Mobbed By Music

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    Bacteria Life In Media

    Does anyone know how long the bacteria in mature filter media will live for if removed and kept wet? I am helping someone setup a tank and am going to give them the mature media out if one of my filters. It might be a couple of days between removing my media and getting it in their filter...
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    2,000 Liter Discus Tank

    A new tank has been in the pipeline for quite a while now, but I have constantly found excuses not to do it. Well I had finally run out of excuses, and then one of my filter hoses on my main tank sprung a leak and damaged the cabinet. So I finally ordered the tank. It is a made to order tank and...
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    Large Tank And Co2?

    I have a question which hopefully someone has had experience with and can help me out. I currently have a planted 450l tank, and am about to upgrade to a 2,000l tank. My current tank uses pressurized CO2 with a pH controller to keep the rate stable. All my plants are super green and healthy...
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    Down At The Market

    I made a mention on another thread about my local fish market. I stay in Bangkok Thailand, and suspect they may have one of the largest tropical fish markets anywhere. I have been to the famous one in Hong Kong, and to be honest the one in Bangkok is bigger. They sell just about every fish...
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    The Infinity Tank Project

    To Infinity and Beyond!!!!!!!! OK, got that out of the way........ I thought I might share an idea of a tank I had some months ago, which today I have finally made a reality. I am sure at some point, most of us have been in a room with 2 mirrors opposite each other. As you stand between them...
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    Who's Been Stealing The Water?

    I found this mildly amusing this morning. On my balcony I have a planted water container, which I put half a dozen Guppies in about 6 months ago. It now has around 2 trillion Guppies in it! OK, a mild exaggeration, but there are considerably more than I started with.......Anyway, it doesn't need...
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    Ph Controller, Do You Use One

    I currently run my pressurized Co2 system on a time switch. I have it come on about an hour before my lights and go off shortly after my lights. I have a drop checker to measure the Co2 content, and all is OK during the day when I look at it. However I have recently changed my 450 liter tank...
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    Plant Id

    Can anyone ID this plant for me. I have looked in all my books and can't find it, and I am having issues with the stems rotting. So not sure if it is something I am doing wrong, or if in fact the plant is not 100% aquatic ???? Cheers.
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    Breeding My Discus

    I am posting a blog sharing my journey of trying to breed my Discus(would have posted it under New World Cichlids, but couldn't insert pics there for some reason)...... Anyway here I go............... I will try to make this as informative as possible, but also a story of how things progress...
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    Breeding Discus

    Hi, I have been breeding Discus for a wee while now, and am wondering if anyone is interested in doing the same? I have recently(this week) had a pair of newly weds in my tank and am moving them to a breeding tank. They are very good looking guys, and as such this is an extra special (potential)...
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    Lucky Discus Pair

    Well these guys were in my show tank and I never expected a pair, but have just struck gold! Today I spotted them cleaning a part of my bog wood, then they quickly laid some eggs. I don't expect the eggs to make it, as I have other Discus, tetras and corys in the tank....... however, having such...
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    My Discus Show Tank

    Thought I might post some pics of my show tank and fish now that it is developing. The plants are now established and starting to take shape(4 months in), but it will be another 6 months before they are nearing where I want them. The fish are very happy in their new home. 2 3 4 4 5 6 7