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    Angelfish spot

    Hi guys any ideas what this mark on the head is? Noticed it today.
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    Hi this is my electric blue acara I have noticed this thread like thing coming out of his anus and he has been flashing today as well. He is swimming and eating normally. I did a water change today as well I have zero ammonia zero nitrite. Help please
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    Hi I have 180 litre jewel bow front aquarium been up and running for almost 2 years. I have 8 tiger barbs 1 electric blue acara Nitrite 0 Ammonia 0 Temperature 25 Weekly 25-30% water changes Do I have room for anymore fish?
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    Strange Angelfish behaviour

    Hi I feed my angelfish every morning before going to work and once a week religiously do partial water changes. I've had my Angel for almost a year now and he is happy eating really well in fact he shows no fear even when I am gravel vacuuming. Just by chance yesterday as I came home and was...
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    Angel fish mark on the head

    Hi any idea what this mark could be on my angel's head I have also noticed edges of his tail fin seem a little split. He is eating well and I have not noticed any change in his normal behaviour. Ammonia = 0 Nitrite 0 Temperature 26C
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    Hi During my routine inspection of the tank I came across this scratch/chip. It is on the outside of the tank. The tank is a 180 litre bow front and the chip/scratch is on the side panel really low down. If I run my finger nail over it I do feel the dip. Any advice?
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    Esha products

    Hi guys I have been thinking about using esha 2000 and esha exit as part of quratining new fish, wondering what you guys think. Also does anyone have any experience with esha optima?
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    Angelfish ventral fin

    Guys noticed my angel with his ventral fin like this today it is slightly discolourd at the bend. Help please
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    Stocking ideas

    Hi guys I have a 180 litre juwel vision bow front tank and I've had it running for over a year. I have 8 fishes left and I lost a few due to cannibalism. What I have remaining are: 4 tiger barbs ( 2 green, one normal form, and one albino) 2 Odessa barbs 2 chequered barbs Ammonia 0 Nitrite...
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    Hi I noticed these white marks on the tail of my honey gourami. I thought it might be ich so I am on my second day dosage of esha exit. The marks are still there and the Marks looks exactly the same when observing from both sides of the tail fin. Does this definitely look like ich or is it...
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    Cycling new tank

    Hi I've set up a new tank about 2 weeks ago (fishless cycling with some used filter floss from old cycles tank and some gravel) I have anubias java fern and java moss in the tank as well. I have been adding some fish flakes from the last 2 days along with seecham stability. Initially I had 0...
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    Hi guys. Few days ago I had noticed a tiny pointy pink needle like thing coming out of one of my platys anal cavity. Behaviour is perfectly fine eating well however color was a little drab. All my other fishes are completely fine. Last night I started first dose of esha ndx and have dosed both...
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    Hi guys just need an opinion on the color chart. Where do you guys think my test tubes colors sit on the chart please?
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    Dwarf gourami

    Hi guys. Last year I purchased a dwarf gourami but few months later it passed away due to suspected dwarf gourami disease which has really made me anxious about purchasing it again. I was wondering if anyone knows of any local dwarf gourami breeders in London area or close by. Thank you
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    Colombian red fin problems

    Hi guys my endless problems with my Colombian red fin continues. I have noticed my tetras develop these black spots one tetra that I lost started off with spots like that which became darker and increased in diameter it bloated quite heavily and then passed away. My waters parameters are all...
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    One fish hogging most of the food

    Hi guys I have a large community tank : 5 green tiger barb 5 albino tiger barb 5 rosy barb 3 Colombian red fin 3 corydoras One green tiger hogs most of the food and always looks fat and hungry. Any ideas how I can ensure all fish get the same amount without him hogging most of it...
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    Help guys!!

    My columbian red fin has this black marking near the tail from past 2-3 weeks now, water parameters are all normal and I also treated the water with internal anti bacterial medicene (did 2 doses) fish is over all healthy and eating. I have also noticed this black spot on my rosy barb and again...
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    Black spot

    Hi guys can anyone help me with this, while inspecting my fishes this morning I noticed this black mark on my fish. I have checked my water parameters all is fine. My tank is 180 litres and pretty unstocked. The fish in question is swimming actively and feeding normally.