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    Who is mauling my angelfish or is it a disease ?

    I'm glad the removal of the BN pleco worked out! Though I was skeptical and still am since bn plecos are predominantly herbivores. Worst case they are known to occasionally suck the slime off the fish but hey, maybe this is a rare case and glad to see the angels looking good. Man, I love black...
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    my local fish store

    Wow! Where is this place? I'm also from the Garden State.
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    Starting to get VERY irritated at this site now...

    I still think you should check water parameters.
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    Starting to get VERY irritated at this site now...

    How are your water parameters?
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    Undergravel filters?

    I have to respectfully disagree. I'm not sure what your bio load is but poop and uneaten food have only one place to go and eventually the gravel will get pretty full of that stuff. Yes I know the gravel is your filter but, as with any filter, it needs to be cleaned. A light surface vacuum and...
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    Beneficial bacteria

    I'm taking into assumption that your tank was not properly cycled... if you feel the beneficial bacteria is in the water. You beneficial bacteria (90 percent or more) resides in your filter as water passes through it, this is why you should never change the filter media (sponge or floss) just...
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    Undergravel filters?

    Undergravel filters work very nicely to maintain lots of beneficial bacteria in the gravel, might not be for everyone though. I have used them in salt tanks for years without issues. The down side is some of the finer stuff that penetrates through the gravel will accumulate on the bottom of the...
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    Growing green algae.

    Just thought it’d be good for my Mbuna to munch on. I know most people like keeping a sterile looking tank, and it’s fine, I’m a bit of the opposite, I like a tank to look a bit more “aged” and natural, maintaining clean water.
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    Growing green algae.

    Yes, usually starts brown
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    Best cichlid substrate for the money

    Hmm, makes me think about my African cichlid tank. Are you sure there is nothing added? And Im sorry but why chickens need oyster shells? Im a city guy but I have a tractor supply place about a mile away.
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    Growing green algae.

    So Im assuming plant nutrients will eventually grow some green algae?
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    Growing green algae.

    What type of nutrients?
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    Growing green algae.

    What is the best light (color) to grow green algae?
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    Favourite rift lake cichlid and why?

    I love this tank and the green algae all around looks great, I'm sure the fish munch on it as well. What size tank is this?
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    Fish medication

    Lots of water changes and feed a little less, best medication.
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    Debate topic : do fish have emotions?

    Fish emotions... Survival and feeding, if one can call those emotions.
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    What should I do?

    You decide, they're your fish. There were times during my life, I had to part with my fish at some point, perhaps I'm not as sensitive as you are but, in the end, I knew it was the best thing for the fish and me. Once you are more settled, you can start over. Sell them or give them away to...
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    Bandit breeding pair male kills female (Correction, Convict)

    I totally expect anything from these fish. I wouldn't be surprise to find the male has eaten the fry one of these days even though he is super protective.
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    Bandit breeding pair male kills female (Correction, Convict)

    I was just told, the male should be smaller and not as aggressive to have a "long lasting pair", I guess he got rejected. Wow.