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    Growing green algae.

    What is the best light (color) to grow green algae?
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    Bandit breeding pair male kills female (Correction, Convict)

    I'm actually new with bandits, had them for a few months (breeding pair) with fry now about a month old and male decides to kill the female after all this time. Is this perhaps instinct of the male protecting the fry?
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    Outdoor tanks

    So, I have this wild idea about setting up a tank out on my deck, not sure what fish would survive the fluctuations in temperature I'm in NJ, we can go from a warm 95 degrees to a cool 55 at night. I'm also thinking having rainwater going into it. My first thought was goldfish since it could...
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    Mbuna tank sudden pH drop

    Scenario... 55g, 14 mbuna two canister filters, tank has been established and stable for years, ammonia is always zero, temp always 78f. Did half tank water change day prior and I have a habit of checking pH after a big WC since I had a pH crash once before right after the WC. So a day after the...
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    Re-sealing a tank, worth it?

    Never done it but I say no, what say you?
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    What happened to the 30 gallon long tank?

    These used to be a nice size, are they obsolete?
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    Back to Africans, again.

    So, against my better judgment I'm starting a community of mbuna fish, third time around. There is something that keeps me going back to them, I love the overstocking (not too heavy) to keep aggression down idea, their colors, how active they are but as soon as it becomes a war zone, I get...
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    New old timer...

    New to the forums but an old timer with decades of having tanks both fresh and salt water. My current and only tank is a 40g filled with tiger barbs and Buenos Aires tetras, just keeping it simple. I'm a one-time purchaser and long time keeper, meaning my fish are in tanks for the duration...
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    Buenos Aires Tetras and lighting.

    New to Tetras but not new to the hobby, recently added eight BA Tetras to a 55g with an existing eight Tiger Barbs. They have been together for about a month and to my surprise, it has been an incredible bond between the two species, always together and they school together as well. My issue is...