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  1. DRay

    Betta Compatibility

    50 gallon community is: Shoal of Neons +1 Bloodfin 1 RTS 2 Dwarf Gourami 2 Kribensis 2 Dojo Loach 2 Golden Dojo Loach 2 Yoyo Loach 2 Syn Petricola 5 Cory Cats 3 Male Guppies 40 gallon (background makes it more of a 30 though) 4 Angelfish 1 German Blue Ram 5 Cory Cats 5 Glass Catfish I tried...
  2. DRay

    Betta Compatibility

    Hey guys, I saw the most beautiful Betta yesterday, and it got me thinking if there's any possibility they'd happen to be compatible w/ my current fishes. Or at least some combination of what I currently have. What have people experienced w/ Betta compatibility with: Angelfish Kribensis German...
  3. DRay

    Who's For A Gecko Update?

    Leos are probably the best reptile I've ever owned.
  4. DRay

    Laetacara Curvicep Cichlids

    So sexing sounds a lot like telling Kribensis apart, right?
  5. DRay

    The Mass Murdering Zebra Danio

    I had a Tokay Gecko that was the worst (they are all bad). Wore welding gloves to clean his setup. They have backwards facing teeth like a snake.
  6. DRay

    The Mass Murdering Zebra Danio

    I know rabies is a mammal specific viral disease. Is there anything in the fish world that effects the brain?
  7. DRay

    Cleaning The Sand With Siphon Hose?

    Great thread! This is 100% relevant to me as well. First tank dealing w/ sand, and I've been curious about sand-specific tools. Thanks!
  8. DRay

    It's War In Angelfish Land

    It's the biggest reason why I'm not the biggest fan of cichlids. It's why I've stuck to just Angels and some dwarf varieties of cichlids. They're always going after each other. They're like penitentiary fishes that can't be rehabilitated.
  9. DRay

    What Can I Keep In A Small Tank - 24 Litres /6 Us Gallons?

    I run 2 Dwarf Puffers and a few shrimp in my 5 gallon. Honestly though, they don't seem pleased with the small size.
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    I took some close ups.
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    The Mass Murdering Zebra Danio

    Effectively, a 30 gallon. Regular rectangle shaped tank.
  12. DRay

    The Mass Murdering Zebra Danio

    Of the lone killer Danio? Not handy, no. I mean, it looks like every other Zebra Danio I've seen.
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    Are These Worms In Tank And Are They Harmful?

    They tend to be quite good at sticking to the glass. I've even noticed them staying on directly in my power head current. But like every living thing, they require sustenance to survive. Deprive them of their food source, and they should die off.
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    I felt bad, so this morning I picked up another Cory, and 2 Otos, making it 3 of each in the tank. I'm really worried about my stock level on this one. It's a 40 gallon, but w/ the custom background, filter, and decor, I'd say it only holds around 30 gallons. I'm sure they'll be fine for now...
  15. DRay

    Are These Worms In Tank And Are They Harmful?

    I've had a couple minimal cases myself. Each time I did a deep clean, found some leftover pieces of meat that most likely caused them to start popping up. I then did a 40-50% water change, followed by a couple of 20% changes every 2 days. They went away from just cleaning and water changes. Now...
  16. DRay

    Catfish Id

    Honestly, it all depends on supply & demand, especially if you're planning to sell local. Bigger catfish are hard to move too. I've seen Redtail cats and Tiger Shovelnose around that size only sell for $20-$40. Hybrids go for a little more. I would say to accurately appraise its value, you first...
  17. DRay

    Ohio River

    I would say you lose a little bit of flare by not stocking some I the river's larger fishes. Maybe just framed pictures or taxidermied specimens to put on the wall near the tank? It sounds like you're limited to smaller schooling fishes, some inverts, and plants. But a nice planted tank would be...
  18. DRay

    Feeding A Betta

    Of course the Betta food manufacturers will tell you to feed them as much as possible. More food wasted = you buy new food more often, which fattens their pockets.
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    At first I had all 7 together. I ran into a problem of too much uneaten food just sitting on top of the sand, so I was going to toss 3 of the 7 Corys in there to help remedy the problem, as well as the Oto. I tried to catch Cory #3 for 15-20 minutes after finally giving up. My 50 gallon acrylic...
  20. DRay

    The Mass Murdering Zebra Danio

    Yeah, after number 4 or 5, I noticed the one Danio just full speed ahead charging the others. There were my Angels in w/ them, but they left the Danios alone. Now the rabid Danio is in my RTC tank, so he can get a taste if his own medicine. He started to try to kill the couple of guppies I had...