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    Leaking pond

    Thanks so much, guys! :) Last night I refilled the pond (approx 9ft by 4.5ft) to the "tide mark" 24 hours later I see I have a two inch drop in water level. I never knew there was a paint! I was thinking how ugly a pond liner would look. The paint says it need three coats, any idea on the...
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    Leaking pond

    Hi, all! :) I have a concrete pond which has been established for many years, but over this last couple of weeks we have noticed an alarming drop in water volume which cannot be attributed solely to evaporation - we are talking in excess of 200 litres a day. This is costing me a fortune in...
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    Please look at this

    So sad :( I am a biker myself, as is my husband and a lot of our friends. I have lost a very good friend to a motorcycle accident - he was a drummer too. Another good friend was hit by a coach last week, thankfully he is ok though his leg is in a cage for the next four months, and my...
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    Some of my Artwork

    I love the feel of the last one to! :)
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    I'm an Aunt!!!

    Congrats! :) a beautiful girl - even fresh on the day! What a beautiful Elvish name too! LOL! :D I am the eldest of eight, and my kids are almost 10 and 7.5. I was the only one with kids until my sister had a boy prematurely (weighing 4lb) four days before my birthday - now we have to share...
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    timing of lights

    If I were you, I would either add plenty of fast growing real plants or reduce the lighting. You don't say what wattage your lights have, but light+nutrients (Nitrates) will feed algae unless competed for by real plants. Even for heavily planted tanks, 9 hours a day lighting is often advised...
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    Questions About Ghost Shrimp

    Though they do change colour when shedding :)
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    Most fish will get startled with sudden light. Make sure your room lights are illuminating the tank before the tank lights go on, so it is not so much of a shock to them. Floating plants are a great cure too, as well as helping keep nitrates down. You will need to stay on top of the pruning...
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    If it is possible (and feasible) to move the fish, I would do this and move the existing filter with them. If not, you will need to carry out regular water changes - perhaps 15% twice a day, if possible, or larger amounts once a day until the water clears. Good luck!
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    Bathroom Water

    *smiles* fine, but cold doesn't necessarily mean clean :) Not that it isn't, but I was speaking from an English persons point of view regarding common water supplies over here.
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    Bathroom Water

    If you have a combi boiler or a "system boiler" system (ie no cold water storage) all your cold water taps will be mains fed. The only issue is with hot water, in a combi system you should run it off for a while (it is heated on demand) in a system boiler system it is advised you do not use the...
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    Bathroom Water

    Kevin, it might be worth checking (easy to do) but invariably garden taps are mains fed - so ok :) Fiori - exactly! The storage tank is mains fed, but not airtight - open to all sorts of contaminents. Combis are all mains fed - as are "system boilers" (These have expansion vessels and hot...
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    Bathroom Water

    Not the case. It only takes seconds to run stagnant water from pipework, and so long as it has not been standing for years it will not have been contaminated. As I said above, once you have run the tap for a while it is the source of the water, and not the delivery, that counts.
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    Bathroom Water

    Unless you have a combination boiler, invariably the kitchen taps are mains fed water, and bathroom taps are fed from a cold water storage tank - it is not advisable to drink from cold water storage tanks, since they are open to contamination. So far as combi boilers go, all water (cold and...
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    Fish that are not ideal for small tanks.

    It would be easier to list fish that can be kept in tanks 30 gallons or less.
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    oh dear, thats why they die!

    Taps are invariably made of brass, not copper (it is too soft a metal) but water is commonly drawn through copper or plastic pipework. So long as water is run off for a short while, it does not stand long enough in copper pipework to be contaminated -- where the possibility remains, is when hot...
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    Loaches With Personality

    For the record, comparing the Bronze Cory and The Yoyo, mine are the same size as The Wolf's :)
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    Is it still alive, Benny? So the headstander is the aggressor, now? Who is in which tank? And you are still avoiding answering questions, just demanding immediate answers. The reason for the "paralysis" is brutally simple, it is as good as dead. This could be caused by any number, or...
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    Garden In Bloom 2005 (Dial up warning!) - Updated!

    Thank you, Blue Ice! :) The fox is a bit of a celebrity in my garden, lol! The kids call him Cody. I am not sure what the flower is in that pic is, but they are truly beautiful. The cobweb and the dandelion seed were captured accidentally though :D
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    Otters (1 pic)

    Wow! :) An awesome pic, I love otters! Wonderful detail!