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    Which tank mate(s) do you find most appealing?

    I'm not Mr. Video but below is 45 seconds of my 55 gallon tank. Currently I've got four false julii corys and 16 neon tetras. I will be getting four more juliis so that's a lock. I'm considering some tank mates and I thought it would be fun to see what folks might find to be appealing. Vote for...
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    White band around Neon appeared overnight

    Request Help Tank size: 55 gallon tank age: 1 month. 10 days since adding fish in 3 batches pH: 7.4 ammonia: 0 nitrite: 0 - 0.25 nitrate: 5 gH: 89 tank temp: 74 Fish Symptoms (include full description including lesion, color, location, fish behavior): Fish is behaving normally. Has white band...
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    Fish-less to fish - Check me?

    My 55 gallon tank is finally starting to cycle. It's converting ammonia to nitrite but not yet converting nitrites to nitrates. Currently I'm at 0.5 to 1.0 ppm of ammonia, 0.5 of nitrite and 0 of nitrate. I would like to add some fish and I wanted to ask for input on the best (and safest for...
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    Please tell me to shut up and wait

    Yes.. I'm impatient... hence this post. I'm not looking for any miracles or links to cycling articles. Honestly I'm just looking for a quick once over to see if I'm missing anything obviously. I would just like to avoid sitting here and waiting for days on end when nothing at all is happening...
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    Purigen and Filter Bags

    Which size mesh would I need in a filter bag when using Purigen in my Fluval 307 canister filters? There are bags on amazon from (20 mesh/1mm) to (100 mesh/0.149mm) and I'd like to make a good choice. Thank you!
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    Exo Terra Silk Plants

    In speccing out my new plant-less tank I came across a couple from Hagen/Exo Terra that are nice looking but made for reptile tanks. I sent them an email to see if they were safe to use in an aquarium and the answer was basically "no". Just wanted to put this up here in case anyone is curious...
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    Finding the right tank mates

    I've chosen three fish for my new 55 gal tank and I'm looking for a fourth tank mate. I've some candidates and I'm looking for any insight folks might have as well the answer to some questions. Thank you! Tank Parameters No live plants, silk only Mostly wood hardscape and perhaps a few rocks...
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    55 gallon algeabane rig

    This is only the second tank in my history. The first was a 29 gallon planted tank that didn't end well. I love plants and am a huge fan of aquascaping but in the end all my plants were murdered by black algae and my tank was overrun with midget ramshorn snails. I rage quit and gave all my gear...
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    RowaPhos - Canister or Reactor?

    I'm working on a 55g minimal phosphate tank and am planning to utilize RowaPhos Phosphate remover as a part of my setup. I have a nice Aquatop canister filter and will be running r/o water but on several of the review sites it's stated that RowaPhos works best in a media reactor. I don't really...