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  1. nano

    Into The Marine

    k for those who didnt read my previous post i was debating between a 20 gal marine or 120 gallon FW ... its obvious what i chose. hmmm ... where to start. well lets make a list: sump powerhead filter and wat other stuff?
  2. nano

    Need Advise

    i've always been rather interested in marine ... and i've actually done alot of research on it as well (a while bak) but here's where i need advise im going to be going to college in 2 years so if i start a marine setup (30 or 55 gallon) ill want it to be with live rock corals etc. -- get...
  3. nano

    Small Plants?

    Hi, im fairly new to the forums but straight to the point ... planning on getting a 75 gallon keeping a couple of oddball (possibly dats and a bichir) i dont want it to be a heavily stocked planted tank so ye i was thinking half sand -- half gravel get some bogwood, decor etc. to give the...
  4. nano

    Future Plans

    hi everyone, im new to the forums but not to the hobby. so straight to the point ... my plans for the future (my way of introducing myself): i have a 30 gal with a variety of tetras the common 30 gal ... u kno like school of black tetras, cardinals, and a bunch of lemon tets. so here's wat i...