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  1. Jessie J.


    Bye everyone... I am going to be inactive/leaving the forum. Good bye, and I wish you all luck with your aquariums!
  2. Jessie J.

    Weird blue crayfish + strange patterns

    Hi everyone. My pond flooded today and got some rainwater/pond water from other places washed into it. Every year weird things wash into it (the year before last it was a huge red fish, then thousands of newts, now this). I found a crayfish struggling against the current. It is exactly the same...
  3. Jessie J.

    Leaking tank

    HI everyone; sorry if this is in the wrong section. My 55-gallon tank is leaking because of a crack in the trim. It's made is tempered glass and is waterproof everywhere else. Thank you!
  4. Jessie J.

    55-gallon build

    HI everyone! In the next few days I am going to be setting up a 55-gallon aquarium for my mollies, guppies, bettas, and other fish. Tomorrow I am going to check and make sure it holds water, then I am going to start setting it up; so it should be done sometime this month.
  5. Jessie J.

    Hermit crabs acting strange

    Yesterday night I saw my hermit crab standing alone without her hell. I eventually coaxed her back in but she's still very weak. Any tips? I separated her from the other crabs, with a clear divider, because another crab was picking on her. Thanks!
  6. Jessie J.

    Sherbert Delights

    HI everyone. Most of us love the tangy-sweet taste of Sherbert ice cream; but I have found an all-new (and delicious!) way to make it even better. I first heard of this recipe is from my grandparents. Thaw the ice cream in the fridge so it's soft. Pour in a soda (ginger ale or Mountain Dew...
  7. Jessie J.

    Fungus, fin rot, or something else?

    HI everyone. I noticed just today that my betta has been hiding a lot lately, and that half of his body is whitish/several shades lighter than the rest of his body, and that his fins are thin and ragged-looking. All parameters are fine, and I was suspecting fin rot, but does anyone know what the...
  8. Jessie J.

    Molly Emergency- WARNING GRAPHIC TEXT

    Hi everyone. One of my pregnant mollies passed away just now, and she died of an injury; I was wondering even though it's pretty gross if I could do a C-section and safely recover the fry. If so I would like to know right away so the body is not decomposing while I perform the Ceaseran. She was...
  9. Jessie J.

    TV shows, music, etc.

    Hey everybody, just wondering what everybody's watching these days. Who here has seen BFDI? What do you watch most on YouTube? What's your favorite music video?
  10. Jessie J.


    Hi everyone. I was thinking about stocking my large garden pond with some goldfish sometime next year, but I had a few questions: I was thinking about getting maybe one or two of each Celestial eye, oranda, telescope-eye, butterfly-tail, short-tail ryukin, and maybe some black moor goldfish. Do...
  11. Jessie J.

    Betta Tube

    Has anyone ever though of connecting a bunch of 3-4 in. diameter clear plastic or acrylic tubes together to make a tube city for betta fish? Mine love to swim around but their tank is restricting them from following me through different rooms. I think this idea would be pretty cool because it...
  12. Jessie J.

    Pets Photo Contest

    Here's some pictures of my fish and other pets. Sauron the betta swimming through a ring- he sat there for five minutes in a trance Persia the betta swimming into a mass of snails Me holding a cute snake Which picture do you like the best? I'll be taking a vote and the winning picture will...
  13. Jessie J.

    Book quotes

    Hi everyone. I am writing a book about mollies, and I have pretty much all the information I need for the regular mollies (not balloon mollies). I am looking for molly raisers to add in quotes or tips on raising these fish, things that not every book has. Please post any interesting facts or...
  14. Jessie J.

    Balloon mollies

    I recently got some balloon mollies, and they are going to be having fry soon. I learned that they are hybrid fish bred form a deformity and I have received mixed results on how humane this is. Byron and NickAu already shared their opinions. What do you think?
  15. Jessie J.

    New Mollies

    Hi everyone. I just got 11 new mollies and one danio, and I'm putting them in 10-gallon tanks. These are the new fishes names and descriptions: Firey- A vibrant orange-striped male molly named after BFDI's beloved Firey. Sunshine (Ozark Sunshine)- A orange-striped male balloon molly. His full...
  16. Jessie J.

    Wanted: fish/inverts to a good home

    Sometime this year, I will be getting some more fish/inverts. If you have any of the following that you want to give away or sell for a small re-homing fee, or you know of somewhere I could get them (no chain-stores; somewhere where they need a good home) just let me know. Please don't assume...
  17. Jessie J.

    My tanks

    Here's a list of all my tanks! Tomorrow I will post pictures of them all. 10-gallon with a royal blue veiltail betta, Moscow, shrimp, snails, plants, and golden freshwater clams. The betta sometimes shares quarters with Persia, my light yellow veiltail with navy blue spots. 10-gallon with...
  18. Jessie J.

    Sick guppy

    Hi everyone. I have a group of five guppies and about a week ago, I suspected that they had tapeworm so I treated with API general cure (for tapeworm, gill flukes, etc.) and they all looked much better. They were pale, stayed at the surface, and had big bellies even though they hadn't given...
  19. Jessie J.

    The pond tank

    So near where I live there's a big pond (actually divided by a road to make two), and I got some mosquitofish from there. It's being drained and trees around it are being torn down because houses are going to be built soon.The deforestation stinks, but my dad and me might be going there soon to...
  20. Jessie J.

    Discoloration of Hermit Crab Claws

    Hi everyone. My purple pincher hermit crabs usually have pale eggshell white tips to their larger claws, but this morning all my crabs had brownish claw tips. They seem to be healthy and they act normal, but this strange coloration has popped up overnight. What's going on? Is it harmful? It has...