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    Free Fish
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    Swim Bladder Disease

    I have a 5" fancy goldfish which has swim bladder disease. This is the second time, the first time I treated him with peas which worked. This time I have tried peas, epsom salts and various medications as well as frequent water changes and it hasn't righted it self. However instead of floating...
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    FREE FISH!!!

    Due to various personal reasons, I have decided to give away my coldwater fish which comprise of: 1 x Golden Brown Ranchu approx 4"-5" 1 x Calico Fantial approx 4"-5" 1 x Pearlscale approx 2" 2 x Weather loach approx 6" N.B. Fantail has swimbladder problems and swims upside down regularly and...
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    Clean-up crew for puffers

    Ok I know snails and crabs are out the question but do you think they'ld go for hermit crabs or urchins? Any thing else I could try? I have a green spotted puffer btw.
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    Live Rock SG?

    I have one lovely Green Spotted Puffer in a 20g tank which I'm converting from brackish to fully marine. I have just changed the substrate to argonite and am now doing water changes with RO water. I have purchase a 36W T5 compact to go with my 18W T8 tube. Now all I need is live rock. The SG is...
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    Electric Shock

    I went to feed my coldwater tank this morning and got an electric shock!!! It felt more of a buzzing than a proper big electric shock, so the voltage couldn't been too high. I immediatly switch everything off and then turned each appliance on one at a time and tested the water. Eventually...
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    Interpet T5 compact tubes

    I am considering getting a single 36w Interpet compact tube for my 24"x12"x18" tank, to go with a 18w T8 marine tube. Are the compact tubes anygood? Will it be enough light to grow coral?
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    Silica sand

    I have a brackish tank which I will eventually acclimatise to marine... The only problem is that the sand is a mixture of normal sand and silica sand. From what I understand silica sand is a big no no when it comes to marine setups due to diatoms. I assume I would need to remove this and...
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    Epsom Salts?

    My fancy is having problems with his swim bladder and either floating belly up or stuck at the bottom. :( I can't get him to eat peas, so I've been giving him epsom salt baths (3tbls to 10L). I was wondering whether epsom salts can be added to the tank water rather than giving him baths?
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    GSP Q

    What's the earliest you would recommend acclimatising a GSP to marine conditions... 3"? S.G. 1.020?
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    Bumble Bee Gobies

    Have four bumble bee gobies to giveaway, they are brackish and kept at an S.G. of 1.008, but 1.005 is best, very well looked after. I live in Leicester, England and you must be able to pick up the gobies yourself. Would rather they went to someone who knows how to care for them, then back to...
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    Live rock

    Can live rock be added to an already established marine tank with a puffer in it? Would it need to be cured or seeded?
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    Yellow water

    I have 3 fancy goldfish (two 5" and one 2") in a 30g tank with an interpet 2204 internal filter. The water however in the space of a week turns a yellow colour and I am having the do nearly a full water change weekly to get it clear again. The ammonia, nitrite and nitrates test ok. Does...
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    Puffer Obesity

    My GSP has an (almost) insatiable appetite. I try not to over feed him, but it's hard when he's sat at the front the tank with those sad puppy eyes!! At the moment he is about as wide as he long and am worried that it may be effecting his health... I know GSP's are suppose to have a bit of a...
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    I have a fish with sceptacemia and tail rot. I have managed to get get some maracyn-2 to treat and am wondering whether it is okay to treat the whole tank? There are 6 fish and only 2 need treating but I don't have a tank big enough to hold both fish. -_-
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    I have a mid-range brackish tank setup which has metal hinges on the inside of the hood for the lid to open. The screws which hold the hinges are rusting and I am worried that the condensation on the hood will mix with the rust and drip back into the tank. If so, do you think it would harm the...
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    GSP & Burrfish

    Have made up my mind!! Am going to leave my GSP on his own till he's big enough for full marine and move him to a big new marine tank with a striped burrfish, I'm sure they would be okay together, I don't think either would mess with each other!!
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    Freshwater flounder and GSP

    I currently have a GSP housed with 5 BBG, I am going to need to raise the S.G. to 1.010 and upwards as my GSP is reaching the 2" mark. Therfore sadly I will have to take the BBGs back to the LFS, unless anyone on this board wants them (Leicester, England). I have been looking up fish that I...
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    Brackish puffers and protein skimmers

    I have a 1" GSP in a 2ft tank, upgrading to 3ft when he gets a litte bigger. Do I need a portein skimmer, or will it be okay till he goes fully marine? Would a cheap internal air powered one do as well as doubling as an aeriator?