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    Thanks for your insights OldMan47. The origin of my problem was having some difficulty finding a T8 tube. It seemed that they'd almost vanished from existence, at least as far as online shopping goes. I assumed there had been a sort of paradigm shift in terms of lighting fashions, but I've stuck...
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    Indeed, thanks for that though. My intention is to stick with the T8s for the time being.
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    Friends, I've been out of the hobby for some time (at University), but a bulb/tube went in my tank a few days ago. I've had trouble finding a replacement for the tube that I've been using (t8 18" I think.) However, it seems that T5s have become the norm. Could somebody please direct me towards...
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    Dwarf Chain Loach

    bump. Does anyone know how they are priced locally in the UK?
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    Dwarf Chain Loach

    hmm. Ok, thanks. Does anyone in the UK know what a typical price might be?
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    Dwarf Chain Loach

    My LFS stocks very reliable fish, and I'm looking to get 3 or 4 Dwarf Chain Loaches for my new setup, though they are priced at £10 each. This seemed very pricey for such a small fish, or am I wrong. (The shop doesn't overprice other fish in my opinion, average tetras are £1.50-£2.50, that's...
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    Ok, thanks. My main concern was that they might be too large, but I'm glad that that's not the case. Naturally, I would never keep a fish that could outgrow my tank. I'll use the diet you suggested, a mix of algae wafers with occasional bloodworm, and flake for the other fish. Do you suggest...
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    Thanks, I'll be able to buy one in confidence. I should really put some pictures up soon!
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    Thanks for your response. I'll probably go for just the 1 then, perhaps with dwarf chain loaches and 6 or 7 Danios (Choprae). Is there anything else I'd need to know about bristlenoses? Do they disturb plants much, or would they give the loaches any trouble?
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    Am I right in thinking that there's a difference between a Bristlenose "catfish" and a Bristlenose "plec." If there is, and I'm right in thinking that the smaller species is the Bristlenose "catfish" (ancistrus sp.) Would you consider a 24X12X15 (length X width X hight) too small to keep 1...
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    My Planted Nano

    Thanks for your interest. That kit is very useful indeed. Sadly, I've been having trouble making my CO2 DIY system airtight, and because of the lack of CO2, I've had algae problems, as soon as these are solved, I'll take better photographs.
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    Fish Quiz

    jaguar cichlid, Which of the three most common dwarf corydoras species is commonly labelled as a midwater swimmer rather than a bottom feeder?
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    Cories For A 15 Gallon

    6/7 bettas is fairly full for a 15 gallon, also they may show aggresion to corys. Maybe you could add a trio of bronze corys or another hardy species of your choice. Planted tanks are favourable for corys.
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    Sick Little Cory; Help Needed.

    My only observation is that soon after you altered your bubble flow from the airstone this swimbladder problem developed. The swimbladder is to do with controlling the fishes position in the water by keeping a balance of liquid and dissolved gas particles. The increased air rate could have...
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    My New Habrosus!

    I've got some C. Habrosus today! It's so exciting! They're really health and all 5 that I bought are settling in really well! I got them from Wayside aquatics in Essex who ordered some in specially for me.
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    My Planted Nano

    It's been over a month since my last update! Doesn't time fly! I'm going to add pictures later, as I'm just about to depart to my LFS as finally they have managed to get hold of Corydoras Habrosus for me!!! I've made some changes to the planting today, as well as a major thin out last week, so...
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    Can you put mine across please.
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    Sand Anyone? Helllllp,

    Depending on the size of the tank, use a piece of airline tubing or "gravel-vac." Then: hold the tubing near the substrate so the detritius can be sucked up but sand can't (as sand is heavier.) This takes a little practise, but it a vital skill and it second nature when you've done 4 or 5 water...
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    Would This Work!

    Don't use a fertiliser without carbon if you aren't using CO2 as this is likely to cause algae, due to lots of nutrients that plants wouldn't be able to take up quickly enough. Seachem would be ideal though.
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    Got Some Habrosus Yesterday (now With Pics!)

    Pictures? These are eagerly anticipated by all, so, we're waiting on you!