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    New Here And New Fish Owner

    Welcome kelly. Yes male mollies can be very pushy/horny to their female companions. I would recommend adding more decor for shelter for the female to hide in plus getting another 2 females in another week or so the lone female does not get stressed out. Then you can also experience fry(baby...
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    Fish Trouble

    It's generally not too good to have nitrates at 0 since this shows the presence of beneficial bacteria, but its not so bad as to cause disease breakouts, just some stress. Since your tank setup it still fairly new, i would try reducing the amount you take out so you give the bacteria time to...
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    Flare Off!

    Mine may not be as good quality pics but my boys still look fab :drool: My mustard gas Mellow Yellow: Our beautiful crowntail, with maybe 75 % flare
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    Mixing Gouramis

    Well my experience has been the blue gouramis are slightly aggressive but our lavender gourami is very submissive.
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    Thinking Of Getting A Black German Shepherd

    I've heard of several bad behavioural problems(since volunteering with multiple animal rescues) with german shepards but really it could happen with any dog, so it's all based on a dogs history and past. It wouldn't be fair to say all german shepards are aggressive when there's some that are not.
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    Is Molly Pregnant? Or Just A Fatty?

    Basically most livebearers are pregnant from the get go, even when you buy them, so it just depends how far along they are and if you are able to catch the babies before other adult fish eat them. I agree the black molly looks like a male from those pictures. The white molly def is pregnant, has...
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    Loach Trouble

    Looks like a chinese algae eater to me my friend, notorious for being a tad bit aggressive and territorial. I've read they have been know to eat some fishes scales aswell.
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    Photos Of My Cory's!

    Aww , gotta love peppers!
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    Strange Guppy Disease

    Does she still have an appetite? Is she losing weight?
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    Pregnant Platy

    Usually within 30 days they will give birth to around 20-40 fry depending on the age of the platy. Have floating or surface plants so the fry have somewhere to hide or other fish, including the parents, will eat them quick. The female will have a large belly, almost squarish. Increasing the...
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    Typically you want nitrates present since that shows a sign of beneficial bacteria, so thr 0 reading of those isn't good. Could also be from over feeding(when was your last water change?).
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    New Girlie!

    Aww what a sweetheart she is! I think of jewel names b/c of her colours, like Ruby, saphire, amethyst etc
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    Warning To All Dog Owners

    Well Maybe I'm not up to date with everything. Hey did you guys all hear a thing called the phone was invented recently???? :P
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    Warning To All Dog Owners

    Got this in an email today... The O.P.P. in conjunction with the RCMP has issued a warning advising all dog owners to keep their dogs indoors until further notice. Dogs are being picked off one at a time on an almost continual basis throughout the city. They are falling in great numbers...
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    New Puppy

    Aww man pugs are too farking cute!! I want one so bad. Me and my hubby already have pug decor and we don't even own one yet. We have the magnets, beanie baby, statues......
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    So Whats His "name"?

    Can always count on pleco pro Smithrc to prove me wrong. :P
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    So Whats His "name"?

    Not a common one thats for sure. Closest i've found matching it was spotted high fin pleco:
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    Kids Right's, Fish Rights...

    I started fish keeping at 17 and i had a 30g and 10 gallon and took care of them with pride but my mom also raised me to treat all living things with respect and great care. It all depends how the kids are raised and learn to treat living things. I've met some very messy, uncaring teens then...
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    How Do I Tell When She Is Having The Babies

    Besides being very huge, my females will seclude themsleves from the rest of the fish and go hide somewhere peaceful to give birth. This could be a cave, bush of plants or elsewhere where she feels hidden. She will stay still there until she has some, them swim around a bit then stay very still...
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    Glad I Went To Support Lff

    Good for you for supporting them! I think in this day and age its really important to support the smaller locally owned businesses and i try to do so also. If we dont, then all we'll have is something like walmart everywhere. :S