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    Opening 29 Gallon

    So my momma lobster now has her own 10 gallon next to my male freeing up my 29 gallon. I am thinking of getting 6 small angels and seeign if I can get a pair, But have not decided yet. at the moment I have. 2 x 10 gallon crayfish tanks(procambrius alleni) 1 x 5 gallon tank with a baby cray that...
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    Pic Of Momma Lobster

    She is around four and a half inches now. Daddy is hiding a lot so I couldnt get a shot of him (think he is gonna molt) jan 12 032 by lordtwist2, on Flickr
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    Baby Cichlids

    So I was watching my cichlid tank and spotted what is either a baby yellow or a baby metachroma (he is hiding in the caves so I cannot see well enough). I am not sure how many babys there are even I have seen 1 for sure. So unless I can come up with a clever plan I am going to have to disasemble...
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    Fruit And Crays

    I feed my Procambrius alleni cucumber on a regular basis as a fresh food. Is there any fruits they can eat safely? I am thinking by what parts of a cucumber slice mine eat they would love the texture of a peeled grape or maybe melon? (would be worried abou water conditions with water melon since...
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    Funny Story

    So the penquin 330 on my 55gallon was dripping water out of the bottom of it (I am hoping this explains the wet spot on my floor). So I took the filter off ( still have a 90 gallon capable filter on the 55 so its all good) popped out the media baskets and and the filter cartridges and walked out...
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    Shipping Advice Needed

    One of our forum members has expressed interest in some crayfish which I presently have a plethora of She is in california and I am in ohio. I know they can be sent via the mail she is suggesting a flat rate box which seems viable. But I need some advice on how to ship them. The people on...
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    Some Pics Of My Wifes Live Bearers

    stuffs 705 by lordtwist2, on Flickr in front Our oldest platy he has a clear tale because he regrew it after a lobster attack. Behind him is a very preggers 3rd generation platy :P stuffs 706 by lordtwist2, on Flickr new silver sailfin he is getting bullied a bit by our gold lyre tail stuffs...
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    Anubias Question

    stuffs 694 by lordtwist2, on Flickr I was told this is a type of anubias when I baught it. It is currently planted in sand and flourishing quite well once I started using fertalizer tabs in teh tank. From whatn I have read though it should be on driftwood. I was curious about some advice on how...
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    Baby Lobster Pics

    stuffs 693 by lordtwist2, on Flickr stuffs 691 by lordtwist2, on Flickr stuffs 688 by lordtwist2, on Flickr stuffs 686 by lordtwist2, on Flickr sorry for the bit of algea on the glass but scrubbing it with the babys in there gets iffy as it scares the heck out of them.
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    Mixining Victorians And Malawis?

    I saw some flame backs for the first time today and think they are what I would like to use to fill out my cichlid tank again. My other fish are all malawis. Is it okay to mix the two?
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    Oh The Trouble I Could Get Into if only I was not broke from preping for the holidays....
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    Snail Smashed

    So i did a massive water change on my wifes tank tonight filter cleaning and all I got finished and put the tank back together. As I was walking aound the tank I heard a crunch. I looked down horrified to see my brown mystery snail on the floor with his shell in pieces. He must ahve been...
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    Exo Terra Background?

    I am curious if people think these backgrounds can be used in a fish tank? The store I sell my lobsters to specializes in reptiles and has loads of these backgrounds for like $25. I would think they would be okay with water since a lot of...
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    So I got all of my Mbuna bagged for the trip to the store and was greeted with tears and sadness by my wife(even though she had agreed) and mother in law as they love the metacromas and the cichlids in general. So apparently I am not getting out of cichlids. I do however need to make the tank...
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    Time To Trasnfer Baby Bichir?

    So my baby albino senegal is now about 4.5 inches and the thickness of a #2 pencil.(baby live beaers made him a monster fast). So I was curious if people thaught he was ready to move into the 75 gallon yet. 8 inch sengal 5 inch jack dempsy 2 parrots 3 bn plecos(2 female 1 male) Mainly worried...
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    Burned Wood

    So I did a driftwood hunt a bit ago and one of the pieces I love has burns on one side wehre some one attempted to use it in a fire. I have soaked the wood and nothing seems to come off that way but if I rub my finger on the burned side I can get the char on my finger. Could this hurt the fish...
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    So the wife and I havde decided mbuna are not for us my lfs is going to tank my remaining 12 tomarrow for a 90 gallon capable filter. I am going to restart the tank with somthing new. We are considering skirt teras or some sort barb or a mix of the two. it is a 55 gallon tank that is currently...
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    Filter Death

    So a power outage seems to have killed my fluval c4 filter. I was curious if there is any way to fix this or if I should just grab a new filter?
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    Albino Cory Eggs

    So for the 5th time my albino corys have laid eggs on my plants and the walls of my tank ( I have watched them do it). I have yet to see a baby however the first batch got gobbled by guppys,platys, and mollies (while still eggs) I just did a massive purge of the tank and swapped loads of the...
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    So I started doing live plants in 2 of my tanks about 2.5-3 months ago. 55 gall community has Jungle val mondo grass Purple camomba Clover Banana plant crispus(I think) and another stalk plant I cannot remember the name of. 75 gallon bichir dempsy parrot pleco tank has Undulatus(sp?) Java...