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    What kind of lighting for a 100g?

    Like title says. Is it measured in WPG? I know its a different, more expensive type of spectrum. --Dan
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    Feeder Gupps = Multiply?

    If I were to buy 2 dozen feeder gupps, put them in a cycling tank, then come back in a week or two (obviously I would feed em daily) would they have given birth? Would I need to quaretine the fry? Like, if I kept this tank up with just the guppies for a while, would I need to like....extract...
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    Lima's under 4''?

    I saw a bunch of Lima Shovelnoses at Big Als Hamilton today. They were 11.99 CDN, but they were so small. I hear these can be very sensitive when they are young. Also, will my Oscar (5-7'') have a go at it? --Dan
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    Can Java stay in the pot?

    I have some Java fern, which I am supposed to tie to my rocks. Well, I tried removing it from the pot gently, and a leave broke off! Can I just keep it in the pot? --Dan
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    Why are Snakeheads illegal in Ontario?

    As said in title... --Dan
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    DannyBoy17's Tanks

    OSCAR! "You want a piece?" Full tank shots. 100g houses baby FH and Jag, along with a Juvie Oscar, 5 Silver Dollars and a Common Plec. 29 houses 6 baby Angels, and hopefully two German Rams soon, with some plecs. Couple pictures of my DIY Betta breeder B) More to come! --Dan
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    Lifalili Cichlid or Jewel?

    If I were to put another SA Cichlid in my 29gal Angel tank, should it be some Rams (3?4?), a Jewel or a Lifalili? --Dan
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    Anyone ever kept Pumpkinseed sunfish in their aqauriums? They have as gorgeous colours as Discus, are hardy, predatory, and grow 9''. They can be found in any inland lake in NA. Sounds like the perfect fish to me! --Dan
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    Buck-toothed Tetra

    Common name/s: Buck-toothed Tetra; Saw-toothed Tetra Scientific name: Exodon paradoxus Family: Characidae Origin: Amazon Basin Maximum size: 6" (15cm) 3" more likely in captivity Care: Large, well covered aquarium, with ample swimming space. Efficient filtration is a must. Subdued lighting...
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    Your fish = You

    I've realized lately, and for some reason this just came to me, that most people who keep fish mirror thier personality with the type of fish they keep. For example, most of the people who keep big bad Cichlids like me are amazed by all the different sizes, colours, aggressive tendencies and...
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    How many females?

    How many female bettas can be kept in a "tank" that is 22'' (l) x 16'' (w) x 6'' (depth)? The filtration will be far above average, I had some extra bioballs and a left over spongefilter, so I designed my own model B) Heres a pic of it: Its a gallon of bioballs, although there isnt a huge...
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    Acrylic vs Glass...which is stronger

    First of all, is Acrylic just plexiglass? Also, if I were to build a tank, which of the two would be stronger? --Dan
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    "Sieve Cichlid"

    Anybody have an info on these guys? I want to keep one in a tank that also houses a Jag, but I have a feeling they would fight, because they are related. DB :fish:
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    Real grass in the aqaurium?

    Stupid I know. But it just came to me that this would look awesome! Could you plant real grass in your aqaurium! I doubt it, seeing as grass gets its nutrients from the soil...grr. I dont want a mud tank either, or rotten grass...itd look so awesome though... :drool: Khulis would be in love...
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    DIY Sump: GPH on a 2 inch hole?

    So the hole in my tank is 2'' in diameter I believe. If I were to build a sump, where gravity pull the water into the sump, how would I calculate the GPH needed with the pump? DB :fish:
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    I need some pretty females:)

    I need some pretty female CT's, and I dont feel like paying 60$ to ship, on top of the normal price. Anyone on here sell them? DB :fish:
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    Lobsters! Oh my!

    So, we have a girl boarding with us from the east coast. Her mom runs a greenhouse over there (my dad runs one here) so she decided to send us 6 lobsters with one of her cutting shiphments! Ive seen lobsters obviously, but now I want to keep them as pets, so I can eat them when they are big...
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    Tillandsia Air Plant

    I was wondering if anyone had any info on these plants? Im looking for anatomy, reproduction info, scientific journals...anything like that. DB :fish: Edit: Oops, meant for General Chat :rolleyes: Please move mods!
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    Jag + FH + Oscar = My 100g

    SO I finally decided it was time to turn my 100g into a Cichlid tank. I used to have it like this, my big Oscar died, so I added Angelfish and community fish. Well, I missed the big boys too much. So, today I was at Petland, and picked up a friend for my 4-5'' Oscar. I got a 3'' FlowerHorn :o I...
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    100g of fun!

    I am still searching for idea's on how to stock my 100g. Right now, all I have is a Tiger Oscar. I was thinking along the lines of the small catfish, S. Lima (something like that) or a trio of Hujeta's. Any ideas? I keep great filtration, and will be adding a monster sump once I finish...