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    Buck-toothed Tetra

    Beautiful colour and congrats on the 150+ I hope the population will exceed 200
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    Buck-toothed Tetra

    He wins with the same speicies of fish award congrats. :) These fish are nice.
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    Aliagtor Gar Fish

    AAAAHHHH I hate when people spell things wrong it's Alligator. Do you have pictures on the 10ft tank you supposidly have
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    Bitten By Piranha!

    yummy eh! Nice ring of blood to start off the day.
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    My Fishtank

    Thanx for the advice but i'm currently 14 so when i move out i might get a bigger tank and more tanks
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    What Kind Of Fish Is This?

    Ummmm in english please some people here are terrible at latin
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    Stocking A 55Gallon ?

    Is it fresh or salt water
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    My Fishtank

    Hello First time posting. For my fishtank i have a 10 gallon tank with: 2 neon tetras 1 female guppy 1 betta Ya i know funny combination but if you control the betta they are tammed easily but just have a hiding place on hand. My sister googled that can bettas and other fish can live together...
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    Pink Danio's

    pink danios are real and i have 2 of them and no they are not albino they are actually real here they are like zebra danios but different colours i have also seen other dianos also but i got them in canada at Big Al's.