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  1. Aspen35

    Planted Tank

    Does anyone have thoughts on getting a planted tank going? Once the basics are set up, what is advisable for lighting, ferts, etc? And does a glass top work with floating plants or should I remove it?
  2. Aspen35

    Moving Fish

    I have a goldfish that’s been in a tank for about 4 years, and I recently decided to upgrade to a larger tank. Does anyone have tips for moving larger fish like that to a new tank? Just want to make sure everything goes smoothly.
  3. Aspen35

    Plant cuttings

    Hello! Inquiring about anyone “local” or at least in mailing distance of Ohio that would be interested in sending some plant cuttings or runners or whatnot. You’re “overstock” if you will. Looking for something that I can get to provide cover for fry, maybe Anacharis, guppy grass, or water...
  4. Aspen35

    Floating Plants

    hey! Just wanted to ask if anyone “local” has duckweed/ other floating plants that they have extra of that they would be willing to mail to an Ohio address. just looking for the leftovers or whatnot that you might otherwise get rid of, looking to grow in a mini pond and feed it to goldfish and...
  5. Aspen35

    Fish drawings!!

    Hello everyone! Some of you may know of my art, I know some of it’s posted on a thread somewhere and the link in my signature. But I was wondering if anybody had fish or other pictures they would like drawn! No cost at all. I can message the final high res photo to you, or send it some other way...
  6. Aspen35


    Was at the beach today in Destin Florida. Does anyone know what kind of snail this little one is? Don’t know anything about marine life, but was curious about identification. Any help would very appreciated!!
  7. Aspen35


    I have a painted turtle who loves to explore outside his tank... when I do water changes, I can’t fill up the tank all the way to the top, because he’ll climb over the edge. I know I need some kind of lid, but I’m not sure how to do it. There’s a box with a ramp that lets him go up and get his...
  8. Aspen35


    I have a tank that has finished cycling for livebearers. I’ve set up a 10 gallon as a quarantine, as the last batch of livebearers I got had an internal parasite I didn’t detect until a while after I got them, and I know internal worms and such is more common with them. My question is, what meds...
  9. Aspen35


    Some of you may feel personally attacked by me asking for duckweed, but I love feeding it to my snails, goldfish, and turtle. Normally, I don’t have enough to go around. Unfortunately, a bit of a tank disaster caused all of what I had to die. I know that anyone who has duckweed thriving in a...
  10. Aspen35

    Struggling with plants.

    I recently ordered some jungle Val. I knew it may take a while to adjust from being shipped, but it’s going very poorly. Was delivered September 28th. At first, I thought it wasn’t going to melt back or have too many problems, and it started sending runners. Now, everything is dying. The little...
  11. Aspen35


    Such happy rescue goldfish!! These guys have so much personality. :lol:
  12. Aspen35

    New Artwork!!

    I know some of you guys have enjoyed seeing my artwork in the past, so I thought I would let you know my website has lots of new work added. You can also leave a comment on the website. The link is in my signature. Here are a few if you don’t want to go to the website and look. :)
  13. Aspen35

    Mystery plant...

    Ordered a plant from an eBay seller, it came with a mystery plant... which I never understand, what if I’m not able to care for it or something? But anyway, I have no idea what it is or how to care for it/plant it.
  14. Aspen35

    Yellow leaves

    Hello all. I’m relatively new to plants. I’m struggling to get everything balanced. This dwarf sag has been looking pretty yellow recently, what is the cause? I have jungle Val showing up in a few days, and I want to make sure everything is right before then. I want the dwarf sag to carpet in...
  15. Aspen35

    Plant leaves transparent

    New to plants in my tanks. I got this dwarf sag recently. (Mid July, so sort of recent) and it just doesn’t seem to be doing very well. The leaves are transparent and brown. What might be the cause of this? The same thing has been going on with an Amazon sword since I got it in January. Tanks...
  16. Aspen35

    Moving Tanks and Fry

    Hello everyone. I just finished moving a 20 long, stocked with guppies and Platys. They don’t seem to be doing well at all. Temp is the same as before, I added an air stone because they are gasping. 10 mins ago, I had to baby fish. Now, right when I was putting the lid on, I saw two guppy fry...
  17. Aspen35


    How to you keep sand clean? I try to siphon our what I can, but it never seems to be enough.
  18. Aspen35

    Ready for fish?

    I setup a new 20 Long yesterday, moving the filter from an established tank to the new one. Tested water this morning, results are as follows. ammonia:0 ppm Nitrite: 0 ppm Nitrate: 10-15 ppm I take it this means the tank is already cycled from the bacteria in the old filter? just want to know...
  19. Aspen35

    New Substrate

    What is the best way to change the substrate in a tank? I started it when I was 12... needless to say, the gravel is rather unsightly. I squeezed out the filter media in the canister 2 weeks ago. How should I do it so that I don’t kill all the bacteria?
  20. Aspen35


    Well...I just found out someone I know has been removing the fish from the tank and draining 100% of the water with every water change. YIKES. The tank they had was leaking, so I guess they just got a new one. Is there anyone who can write out a little guide on how to get that tank started and...