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    Anodized Aluminum In Water? Heat Sink?

    Hey guys. Was just curious as to how fast Anodized Aluminum would corrode in fresh water. I was thinking of making a heat sink for my gold fish tank with hopes of one day having a cheap AC blowing though it.
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    Mag Drive Pump Rattling. Help

    SO I finally got feed up with HOB and Rena canister filters after they kept failing. My Goldfish tanks sump never needed to be shut down once for cleaning to stop it from clogging. (just refugium weed whacking...) So I switched it to a dual down HOB OFB. It is pretty quite. EXCEPT. for the mag...
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    New Goldfish Home Is Almost Done.

    you might call me crazy for doing this for fancy goldfish but maybe one day when I have a real job and am out of collage I can use it for SW. Fail safe durso stand pipe: Stops it from sucking in too much air and making noise. If the water is rising too fast (which it shouldn't unless there...
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    Back Pressure And Rising Air. I Have Met My Match.

    Okay. So I am a sump, OFB, and return pump newbie. but I researched a lot. I decided to go with a 120 US gallon, 1600 GPH CS OFB. 1 1/2" pipe, mag drive 1800 with 6 feet of piping and a for 90 degrees to slow it to roughly 1100 GPH. However, turns out no one around here (1 hour drive one way)...
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    Quick Quick. Shimming Sump Directly? Was Unlevel.

    SO I used a 55 gallon as a sump. The problem is while the tank and stand shelves are level for the main tank the sump is not. it is off but more than 1/8" So I used shims directly under the tank and its foam. Is that safe? should I shim the whole outline or the sump tank??
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    Painting Braces?

    :crazy: I noticed some of my tanks braces are Photo degrading. I am upgrading a tank and I want to paint the braces the same color as the stand and such as well as stop this. Is there any paint I can use that does not leech into the water?
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    This Shelving?

    So I was gonna get a 75 - 120 gallon tank and make a wood stand but I donlt feel like making one. what shevelign woudl you get? $100 (shipping included) 1200 pounds. $290 (w/ shipping)...
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    Dsb For Fw?

    Hello, would a DSB with the open space under neath it all (I forgot the name) work in FW if I took some mud from a FW marsh and put it at the bottom and then the sand? :unsure: on a side note. is vinyl plastic bad for fish tanks? i was making a Vinyl window screen bag to hold small 1-3 mm...
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    Warehouse Shevling For Stand?

    Has anyone ever used this for shelving? If so how is it? smaller than this but yeah.
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    Fug Or This Crazy Thing?

    So I am making a Sump. It is pretty much done. But I foudn this... what would be better? this thing or a fug with 2 watts per gallon and filled with fast growing FW pants? I could easily make one of these. I would just take my 1"...
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    Baffel Installment

    So I have the tank and the glass panels. How do I hold them in place (straight and level and spaced from the glass correctly) while silicone is being put on? How should I put silicone on? do I smooth it on the seem?
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    Sump Glass Question.

    So I am gonna make a sump with baffles. The inner tank is 12 and 1/16th give or take a 1/32. Should I get 12 glass so I can slide it in and then turn it (since the tank plastic brace is on it) or get 12 1/16 wide glass for the the baffles and just cool the baffle panels down then put them into...
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    Tank Plastic Is Cracked.

    The top brace thing is cracked in the front. not the band that goes from back to front What should i do?
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    Ah What Happened!

    I just noticed my pleco was trying tro jump ut of the tank!. The I noticed his eyes are really sunken in and his color is rather whitish (normally a royal) his belly is fat. but the algae is no longer being kept at bay by him I also noticed it is starting to come back. What is wrong wth him!
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    Royal Pleco. Will He Live?

    SO I was wondering through the store today and I noticed they had a lot of rare plecos in. After a bit of searching i happened upon the two main contenders. Zebra and Royal. I really wanted Zebras but I did not have a tank up specifically for them now did I know much about them so I went with...
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    Never Use Hartz.

    Aparently It releases a huge ammount of nirate into the fish tank form 10 pellets. Last night I added 10 pellets for the cories. I woke up today and they where all gone but all my sensative sfish where dead and my cories where zipping tothe top as well as the gouramis and tetras.
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    Odd Question.

    This is more about terrestrial plants but... Are their any plants that like to have their roots completely covered in hard basic nitrate saturated water? The grow fast and in air?
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    Where Do I Get Ferts Now?

    What has the Greg Watson site been renamed too?
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    What The Devil?

    SO I finally redid my over grow grass tank. When I did this I took out ever single plant in the tank. After that i was sad to see I only had 4 of my original 14 scwhartzi cories left. So I went and bought some julli cories. I did this 3 days ago. Today, I woke upo and what was sitting theree at...