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  1. The Dog

    How should i test Nitrates

    Hiya Guys, I've been using API fresh water test kit, Nitrates have been measuring 160ppm (max) straight out of tap. I called South Staffs water who quickly dismissed the API test kit as it is apparently inaccurate. South Staffs took a sample and on waiting for there finfings i purchased a...
  2. The Dog

    Cycling my tank

    Hiya Lads, Ladettes. Ive been cycling my first tank. I started with Dr Tims Denitrifying solution and fed with Ammonia to 2ppm. I then tested for a week or so. My Ammonia went down but stalled at 0. 25ppm - 0.50ppm. My Nitrites stayed at 0 throughout (annoyingly) then the Nitrates blew...
  3. The Dog

    Hello From England

    Hiya guys, loving the Forum. Planning on setting up a FE 46l, in the hope of getting my head round the rituals before setting up something bigger Cheers D