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    LED tubes in T5 fitting

    Hi I’ve got two Rio 400 tanks with T5 tubes ( I think they are T5 they are about 16mmdiameter ) They tubes are getting on a bit and need replacement and thought I may as well change to LED tubes because they are cheaper to run I’ve looked at getting new Jewel complete light units but they are...
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    Ripley 🐈

    Ripley says it’s dinner time
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    Bolbitis heteroclita Cuspidata - "Micro"

    Anyone else keep this plant ? Ive had this one for years it’s very slow growing it’s on a small piece of bog wood it’s in a community tropical tank with Java fern and Java moss it’s not a specialised planted setup I was given a piece l have never actually seen it for sale
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    Black cory’s cold water tank

    Hi does anyone else keep cory’s in a temperate tank ( indoors UK) ? I’ve changed one of my tanks rio 400 litre to cold water I’ve just got some Black cory’s from pets at home sold as cold water fish they are settling in now
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    Hi everyone, just joined :) I’ve been keeping tropical and pond fish for years , have just changed one of my tropical tanks to cold water.