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  1. Fremlin

    Help Looking For Some Plants

    I have a tank 85cm x 45cm x 35 cm and I have a few plants in the background. I was looking for some smaller plants to put in the foreground of the tank that won't grow as big. I see some of these online retailers do little collections of plants. Can anyone recommend me some for my tank? My...
  2. Fremlin

    My First Ever Rams

    I am quite excited as I have never owned these lovely looking fish in all my years of fish keeping. Anyone got any experiences of keeping these fish? Here's one of mine
  3. Fremlin

    One Eyed Cardinal

    So I bought 10 cardinal tetras last weekend and they are all alive and well. They look wonderful in my tank and I'm really happy with them. After bringing them home and getting them settled in I noticed that one of them only has one eye! He has lasted the whole week. Do you think he will...
  4. Fremlin

    My Other Pets And Friends

    Ok so now that my girlfriend has moved in I know have my fish tank, a vivarium with two leopard geckos and my dog Kyuss (Black Labrador) and her dog Fern (Cocker Spaniel). Here are some pics of them. Matilda Kyuss Fern and here's my girlfriend's dad's dogs Desmo and Daisy.
  5. Fremlin


    Is my female swordtail pregnant?
  6. Fremlin

    A Couple Of My New Fish

    Had the Black widow tetras for a while now but the others are new fish.
  7. Fremlin

    Question About Amano Shrimps

    I have never kept these before and have recently acquired some for my tank. On the first couple of days the shrimps were all out and about and the fish I have (mainly tetras and a few mollies) never bothered with them at all. Now all my shrimps seem to be hiding behind the filter all day...
  8. Fremlin

    New Zoo Pics

    Been back to Edinburgh Zoo and here are some more pics
  9. Fremlin


    Here's a few pics from a local wildlife park I took on Sunday morning.
  10. Fremlin

    Some Pics From Strachclyde Park

    Headed down to Strathclyde Park again today. It was lovely and sunny most of the day but it was still freezing. Got some interesting ones today. Some geese shots! Some swans A lovely Jackdaw Goosander ...and then to my surprise today I saw a bird I have never seen before in my...
  11. Fremlin


    Well I think I can now safely say I have a male and a female bristlenose.
  12. Fremlin

    Heritage Loch

    Moorhen Swan Lapwings Seagulls Swan
  13. Fremlin

    Feeding Frenzy

    I have had my tank set up now for a few months. I had always intended on getting a couple of plecs, but just never got around to it. My tank has been doing really well although there did seem to be a lot of algae growing. I bought two tiny baby bristlenoses on Saturday and oh my god they have...
  14. Fremlin

    New Recruit

    So here is one of my new recruits!
  15. Fremlin

    Highland Cattle

    Here's a couple of pictures from the local country park. It was a freezing cold, miserable wet day here in Scotland and I decide to go for a walk, mad!
  16. Fremlin

    Dead Tetras

    I recently purchased 6 Emperor teras for my tank and on the next morning I noticed that 2 of them had a slight discolour, one had it just below the dorsal fin and the other at the tail. The next day they were both dead. Anyone any ideas what it is, and how I can prevent any of the others...
  17. Fremlin

    New Photos Of Tank (56k Beware)

    I got some fish into my tank at the weekend and all seems to be going well. At the moment I have a little group of Emperor tetras (although it's hard to get them to stay still, hence no photos). I have got four Pearl Gouramis and they seem to be doing really well. Here's the new look tank...
  18. Fremlin

    What A Result For Scotland

    Did anyone else see the game on Saturday against France? It was edge of your seat stuff.
  19. Fremlin

    Anyone In A Band?

    Any forum goers a member of a band? Give me a link and I'll check you out. Mine can be found in my signature if anyone is interested.
  20. Fremlin

    Sorry For Being A Spaz

    How do you work out how many gallons your tank is?