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  1. chillipop

    Strohmeyer article I found this, seems sensible, plausible to me. I am very new to this hobby however. My worry, it's a site selling a product. Then researched a bit, the author appears well thought of. Do you think this is phooey or good sense ? Read it...
  2. chillipop

    One eyed Peppered Cory

    Hi, I have a one eyed Peppered Cory (named Rooster) bought 2 weeks ago as one of 6. Saw it had one eye after a few days. He/she seems perfectly well, bigger if anything, behaves as the rest do. I'm not worried really but as I am new to this I thought I'd post a few pics to see what people think...
  3. chillipop

    Crazy cats

  4. chillipop

    new member

    Hi, I'm 55, from Surrey and new to fish tanks. I bought a corner bowfront tank second hand, did some research, cycled it using ammonia, got a test kit and now have a small community tank going. The tank is a Fluval Venezia 190L. The fish so far are 10 neon tetras, 8 Harlequin Rasboras (one...