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  1. sunpirate2u

    Dying Of Old Age?

    Hey guys, My little 12 year old brother has kept this Black Skirt tetra for about four years now, alone :blink: . It survived fine without other's around her. Anyways, she got bigger and bigger throughout the years and reminded very healthy and wonderfully active. Today, I walked by and saw...
  2. sunpirate2u

    My Photo Editing Hobby

    Hey guys! I'm 15 and I love to edit photos in my spare time... I get TONS of praise from my family and friends but im not competely convinced that im that great. lol I really try to set emotion in to each picture and i try to be as mature as i can. Here is my little portfolio: Friend...
  3. sunpirate2u

    Sick Guppy...?

    hey guys..i recently got a few amazing guppies (2 males 4 females) but one of the younger females seems to be ill.... :/ she is anti-social..i noticed that the first few days i had her. But now she is lingering around the filter riding in the current like some sick guppy from Petco :sick: or...
  4. sunpirate2u

    How Old Is Too Old To Mate..?

    Hey guys! Well I just got some more absolutely gorgeous guppies two days ago (2 males and 4 females :) ) Well one of my males looks to be pretty old...and he’s very large at least. The thing is, he doesn't seem all interested in my females at all. He just goes about the tank normally but isn’t...
  5. sunpirate2u

    Fish Completely Missing!?!

    Hello, Yesterday I took a peak at my tank...and after a few minutes my little honey gourami was no where to be found :-( ! I figured maybe it was somewhere i could not see. So i put a little food in to see if he would come up.....still nothing. Then I began to freak out...i opened the...
  6. sunpirate2u

    12 Gallon Stocking

    I really really want a colorful tetra setup.... were some of my ideas: Stock 1 - Rummynose tetras 3 - Zebra danios 2 - Glofish 2 - Honey dwarf 1 Stock 2 - Rummynose tetras 4 - Zebra Danios 4 - One female betta :wub: Stock 3 - Serpae tetras 5 - Black skirt 5 Stock 4 -Rummy...
  7. sunpirate2u

    Eye Missing..

    Hey guys..I just randomly noticed that my zebra danio's left eye is completely missing...O_o He seems to be fine other then his eye gone.. :blink: why did this happen? Is it a illness? Should i be worried? :unsure:
  8. sunpirate2u

    New Stocking

    Hey guys! My 30 gallon is open now... i gave my last stocking that was in there to my cousin (yes yes my levels are fine i know what to do when getting new fish :rolleyes: ). I was wanting a new group :) I am interested in long finned serpaes, they really caught my attention at my LFS :drool...
  9. sunpirate2u

    Aggressive Danios!

    Hey guys I need help! I just got 5 zebra danios yesterday..... And one of the larger females is being really aggressive to the rest of them.... It's getting worse by the hour..what's going on?!?
  10. sunpirate2u

    Breeding Zebra Danios?

    Hey guys..... I just got some zebra danios and i think they are absolutly stunning! Do you guys have any really good easy breeding tricks? I wanna breed them...I've bred guppies and platies be4 so I'm not completly clueless Thanks!
  11. sunpirate2u

    Ram Questions

    Hey there ^^ I've been planning to get a pair of german blue I started research..but I found out that they aren't very hardy and usually die quickly. So here is my question: is there any other small colorful cichlids that you would suggest that would do okay in a community tank?
  12. sunpirate2u

    Compatible Goldfish

    hey guys, im setting up a 30 gallon rite now and I have been interested in goldfish lately. ive done a lot of researching and I haven’t found out which goldies are most compatible w/ each other. my favorites are the oranda's, bubble eyes, and the fantails. but any other is fine. ~thanks
  13. sunpirate2u

    Whats A Good Name 4 A Dog Sitting Co?

    im doing a project for school and we have to do a small bussiness and I chose dog care. im going to include dog walks and baths but im having a really hard time thinking of a name wat are some of ur ideas???
  14. sunpirate2u

    Comfort Retriever

    i just found out after a while of research that my dog is a comfort retriever. they r a mix of a golden retriever and a cocker spaniel. i thought it was very interesting, any1 ever heard of this breed? here's a pics of my dog (Holly): as u can see she has golden features but her body...
  15. sunpirate2u

    Do Plants Carry Disease?

    :unsure: I got a bad case of ick in my ten gallon :grr: . I’m going to empty out everything and get new gravel and let the tank dry out for a few weeks. If I were to move my plants to another tank, would they spread the disease? Thx, ~Andi
  16. sunpirate2u

    My Very Fishy Trip To Sea World

    I took these pics for all the freshwater fish lovers on the TFF!!!!!! Prepare to be amazed!!! Look at this huge tank! I’m thinking it’s around 700-900 gallons (not a big sized tank expert feel free to correct me). Look at that gourami!!! :drool: I think these are electric eels :unsure...
  17. sunpirate2u

    Gonna Take On Breeding

    Well i did tons :shout: of research on betta breeding. i have most of the supplies other than, a glass chimney, sponge filter, and a large fry tank. here are my questions: Instead of a chimney could i use a glass vase or my guppy trap? My parents say that i have the maximum amount of tanks...
  18. sunpirate2u

    Help! Girls Fighting! Scared!

    ok, i just got three females. i came home and put the other two that i already had in together. HELP! They're fighting! Is this the pecking order or death??? HELP! :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: this is bad!
  19. sunpirate2u

    How Much Longer!?!?!?

    This week she had made some progress and she's showing the signs too. How much longer??? She is lightning fast and my dumb old camera is retarded :grr: . The camera doesn't really catch the gravid spot very well. Birds - eye veiw Hanging by the filters a lot gravid spot The...
  20. sunpirate2u

    Really Really Dumb Question

    I was wondering if I could add my tree danios form my little 5 gallon to my 10 gallon tank. Could a female betta, female guppy, and three danios get along? I will take risks. this is probably the dumbest question ever. :blush: :blush: :blush: