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    What sex is this ram cyclid (mikrogeophagus ramirezi)?

    Hey everyone! We recently got two ram cichlids. One of them looks like a female, with blue reflective flecks inside her black spot. However, I'm not quite sure about the other one, and was wondering if you could maybe help? I've added two pictures, but the fish is quite active and difficult to...
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    Injured black skirt tetra with white, fluffy growth... should we quarantaine it?

    Hey everyone! I am writing this post because we are very worried about one of our black skirt tetras. Five days ago, I found the fish wedged between the filter casing and the glass. I freed it immediately but noticed that it was injured. My housemates and I decided to minimize any stress but...
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    Empty rum bottle in tank: how to preserve label?

    Hey everyone! We would love to use an empty rum bottle as decoration for our aquarium. However, the brand of rum we'd prefer (captain morgan) has a paper label. Is there a way to safely seal the label with some kind of clear varnish or glue? I read that clear nailpolish is safe to use in an...
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    What fish is this?

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone recognizes what species of fish this is. I've tried to look it up but can't find it. It's a greyish-brown freshwater fish, and it's about 4-5 cm long. Thanks in advance!