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  1. Nauplii

    Common Pleco Free To Good Home

    Now has been rehomed
  2. Nauplii

    Silver Shark Free To Good Home

    Now been rehomed
  3. Nauplii

    Upside Down Catfish X 3 Free To Good Home!

    Free to good home, collection from Enfield London. Livestock: Upside Down Catfish x 3 Age and condition:3-4years old, healthy 3" Quantity for sale: 3 Reason for Sale: Changing aquarium to marine Delivery or Collection: Collection only Sales price: - Postage & Packaging: N/A Location: Enfield...
  4. Nauplii

    Synodontis Albertii Catfish Free To Good Home

    Free to good home, collection from Enfield, London. Livestock: Synodontis albertii Catfish Age and condition:3-4years old, healthy 5" Quantity for sale: 1 Reason for Sale: Changing aquarium to marine Delivery or Collection: Collection only Sales price: - Postage & Packaging: N/A Location...
  5. Nauplii

    Various Fish & Tropical Equiptment

    Hey Guys, I'm going to be dismantelling my tropical aquarium very soon to move to marines and I wanted to know if anyone was interested in the fish/ equiptment below: I have put prices on the fish/ equiptment but please fell free to make any offers =). I need to rehouse the fish preferably...
  6. Nauplii

    Filters For 120L Marine Tank

    Hey Guys I will soon be setting up my marine tank but I just need a bit of advice on the filter I would need. I know there are many methods of filtration and I have chosen the classic external filter idea which I think i'd like to try but i need help as to which makes might be best? I am...
  7. Nauplii

    Converting Fw Tank Into Marine Tank

    Hey Guys I've been keeping fish for about 7years now and I've decided it's time I move onto keeping Marine fish. I have a Rekord 120 aquarium with the standard equiptment and i'm looking to convert this into my first Marine tank. I'm just wondering how difficult this might be to convert as I...
  8. Nauplii

    Live Rock Only?

    Hey guys In theory, can you set up a tank with live rock as the only filtration for a few inverts? By the way i'm not saying i'm doing it i'm merely wondering whether it would be entirely possible. Nauplii x
  9. Nauplii

    Not So New Newbie

    Hey guys! I wouldn't exactly say I'm new, i'm sort of returning under a different Alias as I no longer have the email to my old account! My old Alias was "Vixen" many years ago but you guys can call me Nauplii now (after the cool meroplantkon of crustaceans). Either way, it's great to be...
  10. Nauplii

    Not Exactly New But..

    Hey guys and girls, I'm not exactly a newbie to the forum but i wanted to say that i'm back after not being around for 3 years or so .. So Hi everyone =D Vixen x
  11. Nauplii

    Fish For Snails

    Hey guys i have a small hexagon tank, and need some suggestions on what kind of loach or fish would be useful to keep my Malasian Trumpet snail population down because its getting ridiculous for my amount of snails. Any suggestions and help gratefully received. Colette xXx
  12. Nauplii

    Plants For Tank

    Hey guys, I need a little advice about my 7gal Hexagon tank, what plants would suit it. It has a Fluval 1plus filter, Visitherm 10w heater and a 14w Aquaglow light. The fish in the tank are one x-ray tetra, one pencilfish, and one khuli loach. My only problem is that i have MTS...
  13. Nauplii

    Wildwoods Shut Down

    On the 5th December 2007, Wildwoods Water Gardens Centre (Crews Hill) has been put into 'administrative recievership'. It came to a shock to staff that when at the end of that day, it was announced that they had all lost their jobs. There is currently a skeleton crew working there, just to...
  14. Nauplii

    Help Needed Fast!

    Hey guys, i have an angel which I've had for a long time now, I've just found that it has developed pop-eye. I did a water change yesterday, and started to use a dose of Melafix. I need some help of what else i can do to get rid of it, or anything that will help. I have some aquarium salt, but...
  15. Nauplii

    Never Mind

    after a few hours my fish is now dead, so nevermind
  16. Nauplii

    Plants To Fill Blank Patches

    Ive been looking for a while for plants to cover the ground of my fish tank. I have a Juwel Rekord 120. (26 Uk gals) My fish include, 3 medium size angels, 1 clown loach, 2 silver sharks, 4 rainbow fish, 1 leopard pleco, 1 synodontis alberti, 3 upside down catfish. .. i have a few questions...
  17. Nauplii

    Oh Dear Not Good

    Hi guys, I have a problem. When i first started fish keeping, and was quite ignorant of how to keep fish getting whitespot, i had to deal with the disease all the time. But as i got better the problem only seemed to occur due to the stubborness of the white spot. So i changed my tank with...
  18. Nauplii

    Angel Fish Eggs

    Hey i have just had angels lay eggs, and i need this tank of mine to hatch them in, problem is i have TRIOP in there, which iknow will eat the eggs, or at least the fry. So i need to know what to do. Now i have one lone triop which is in a tank, but anyways i want to know if anyone has tried...
  19. Nauplii

    Snail Safe Treatments

    Hey guys, wow its been a while since i've done this :rolleyes: Anyways, i have a ramshorn snail in my small tropical tank, and i need to treat one of my X-ray Tetra's, it has no tail due to an angel biting it off, and i want to prevent infection. I have currently the following treatments...
  20. Nauplii

    Fish Eggs Found!

    Hey i have a Juwel Rekord 120, and above the waterline i have found a small batch of eggs (dry) that all together is 5mm long and contains 13 odd eggs. These are white. What fish i have in my tank are: 2 Angel fish (one large, one small) 2 Silver sharks (6") 1 nannacara anomala 4 Rainbow fish...