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  1. LauraFrog

    Gourami Group Dynamic

    Hi all! I currently have a young blue gourami (unsure of sex) in a 40 gal long, well furnished and overfiltered, with 9 neons and 10 silvertips. I would really like to add a lace gourami to this tank, and maybe a gold gourami as well (although I've read that they can be aggressive to smaller...
  2. LauraFrog

    Yoyo/Pakistani Loach

    Hi all Again my reading about this species has turned up a heap of conflicting information so I'd love some opinions. Is a 20 gallon tank big enough for a yoyo loach? Also, some books/websites say keep them in groups, and others say keep them alone because they fight if you keep more than one...
  3. LauraFrog

    Sunken Belly

    I have to say that once their bellies are that sunken they very rarely make it. This is only a theory and it may or may not help. But I had a big heap of platys that looked exactly like that, same symptoms, about a year and a half ago. (Sunken bellies, lethargy, refusal to eat, resting on...
  4. LauraFrog

    Fish Is Dying, Help!

    Hmm... this is odd. How big are the baby mollies at the moment? Is the adult fish too skinny?
  5. LauraFrog

    Neon Tetra Sick?

    Okay, it sounds like she has a bacterial infection. There's no way she could be pregnant because neons are egglayers, in fact that goes on the list of some of the worst advice I've ever heard from pet stores. Really bad advice like this usually goes with incorrect advice about stocking (ie...
  6. LauraFrog

    Urgent Cycling Help!

    Okay, I'm a bit confused, could you please post a list of all the tanks you have, what fish they have in them and whether they are cycled or not? Bacteria can double virtually overnight, so cutting the cycled sponge up and dividing it between your tanks is your best option. Squeezing the sponge...
  7. LauraFrog

    My New Betta!

    Wow, he is beautiful! The pattern he has (fins with bands of two distinct colours) is called 'butterfly'. It is well 'set' and therefore common in the halfmoon, but not often seen in the veiltail, at least, certainly not as neatly as your Sam.
  8. LauraFrog

    Fin Clamping?

    What fin type is he, and when you mean 'clamped' do you just mean not flared, or do you mean pinned really tightly against the body? (The best ones to look at are the ventral fins - they are normally held against the sides while swimming, and hang downwards while resting. When the fish is...
  9. LauraFrog

    Nitrifiers In Water Column

    I've just moved house, and the water supply to my new fishroom is coming out of an agricultural dam (stocked with fish and plants.) I brought down a 20 gallon tank which sat empty for about two weeks until I got around to scrubbing all the algae out of it. Then it got thoroughly rinsed with hot...
  10. LauraFrog

    Beginners Betta Breeding?

    Hey OldMan, how big are they as adults and where do you get them (never seen them before but now I'm tempted!) I wouldn't recommend that a first time breeder of egglayers go with bettas... they are too difficult to breed TBH.
  11. LauraFrog

    Mouth Rot Help

    This does sound awfully like columnaris. It is a bacterial infection and if you want to save the fish you really need to get some antibiotics, ASAP. Bacteria control may buy you a bit of time, but I very much doubt that it will actually cure the infection. I'm sure there's somebody in your area...
  12. LauraFrog

    Is This Big Enough For 1 Betta?

    Yeah, that's what I meant... I assumed the capacity was around 1/2 gallon (which is far too small by anyone's standards) by that photo, but far better to go by the maths since somebody has done it.
  13. LauraFrog

    Is This Big Enough For 1 Betta?

    Yikes, this topic is getting a bit snipey... I just reread my post and it sounded a bit harsher than I intended it to. My apologies. The tank capacity of around 1.5 gallons is considerably larger than I'd originally taken it to be - I didn't bother to do the maths, I was going on the photo of...
  14. LauraFrog

    Are My Platy Pregnant?

    They look, but not very pregnant... they both have about 2-3 weeks to go. The orange mickey mouse looks closer than the tuxedo going on shape. In another week we'll be able to guess a lot more accurately when they might drop. Oh, and you know how there's two tuxedos? In the photo where you can...
  15. LauraFrog

    African Butterflies

    So which tank would you recommend I use? I'd probably prefer the 20 if I can get away with it, I think there would be enough surface area if I lowered the filter outlet a bit (at the moment the surface gets a bit choppy.) It's full of small tetras at the moment, which I would have to move...
  16. LauraFrog

    Do You Eat Fish?

    I eat fish, but I'm fussy about it; I won't eat it unless I've caught it myself, or I know that it's either farmed or caught from a sustainable fishery. This is because I think the way humans have almost destroyed several marine environments by their abuse of fisheries is inexcusable. I don't...
  17. LauraFrog

    African Butterflies

    Okay, thanks for the advice!! The other thing I was thinking about was gouramis - I'd especially like a leeri. Some people have told me yes, because it's a peaceful and slow moving fish. Others have said no, any other surface dwellers are out. Also maybe a krib? I wouldn't try to keep a pair...
  18. LauraFrog

    African Butterflies

    I've wanted butterflies (Pantodon) for many years and I'm finally getting around to it but I need a bit of advice on tankmates... the minimum size of fish seems to vary from website to website. Would rosy barbs be too nippy? I have kept them before and not found them to be overly aggressive or...
  19. LauraFrog

    What Is The Best Way To Kill My Fish

    If the pet store won't take them, you could use our classifieds section (which is free...) I'm sure there's somebody near you who has a school they'd like to boost with three free danios.
  20. LauraFrog

    My Fish Has A Problem With Its Mouth

    How long have you had the fish and how big is it? Tank size and water stats would definitely help. Thanks