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    Help with decision in first coral addition

    Hi all, I started my first 10g nano tank in January and added a true percula clownfish in April. I have now gotten the hang of owning a fish and my parameters are stable, so I’ve been looking into purchasing a coral. Mostly due to availability, the two front runners in my search are either a...
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    Coral ID

    Right now I have a 10g nano with a clownfish. I’ve been interested in adding a small non-self propagating coral to learn more about what it’s like to keep a nano reef. Today at the store I stumbled across this coral with I found beautiful but unfortunately it was unlabeled. Can anybody tell me...
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    Is it a bristleworm or fireworm???

    Okay these things are so creepy but I think it’s a bristleworm…right? Not a fireworm? Need to confirm bc it’s lurking on my clowns anemone
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    New clown seems lethargic

    I got a clownfish on Saturday and he has mostly just hung around one area of the tank. Often I will find him just sitting in his anemone like this. Is this bad? Is he just getting used to the new tank? Or is there another issue? Also, when I feed him, he’ll swim around and it eat but not swim...
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    Does new clown have parasite??

    Today I finally got my first fish in my 10g (true percula clown) from LFS. Not long after I brought him home, I noticed some stringy white poop hanging from him. After some quick research, I found that this could be a parasite. Also, his face is slightly pale (still orange but not quite as...
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    Possible bristleworm emergency?!!

    I just got a trochus snail a few days ago. He seems to be doing well but while watching him in the tank tonight, I noticed a terrifying worm-looking thing peek its head out from under the rock. After a quick Google search, I’ve discovered that it’s most likely a bristleworm. I’ve seen some...
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    Food for trochus snail

    Today I got a trochus snail which is my first addition to a newly cycled 10g. I know they feed mostly on algae and since the tank is new, it doesn’t have much yet. In the image below you can vaguely see a path of where he’s moved (I’m assuming he ate the film there). Will this be enough food for...
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    Cycling readings

    Right now I’m cycling my first 10g saltwater tank. I’m about a week into the cycle right now. I’ve been testing the water every other day and today the readings seem a bit strange. Ammonia is zero and nitrite/trate seems pretty high. I wasn’t sure exactly how high so I attached an image...
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    Lack of invert diversity at LFS!

    Right now I’m working on setting up my first saltwater 10g nano. I wanted to put some inverts in but I had a few questions first. 1.) what kind??? My LFS has turbo snails but I don’t think much else. I live in a small area with few other pet shops but I could try to find something else if the...
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    Dry rock in filter?

    I have around 3lbs of caribsea base rock left after setting up my tank. I’ve heard that it’s beneficial to put crushed live rock in the filter. Would it be helpful to do this with dry rock as well? Also, can someone upload a picture so I can know what it looks like/how it fits in a filter?
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    General cycling questions from a beginner

    Hi there. I’m a new aquarist who is cycling her first saltwater 10g nano tank. I originally cycled it throughout the month of January, and purchased a sweet baby clownfish mid-February which seemed fine until it died sometime overnight. I was very confused as to why this happened and received a...
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    Fuzziness around artificial anemone?

    Right now I’m doing a fishless cycle in my 10g marine tank. I have an artificial anemone which seems to have developed some sort of fuzziness on the outside? I attached pictures. I am wondering what this is and if it’s normal/is it a problem? I am new to the hobby and would appreciate anything...
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    Live rock question

    Right now I am cycling my 10g saltwater tank. I was looking for live rock and I stumbled across this. I was a little concerned because part of the description said they won’t affect cycling? Is this the kind of live rock I’m looking for or no? Link...
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    I accidentally used safe start for a saltwater tank

    Some of you may have seen the thread I started earlier concerning my new clownfish that unfortunately died. A user brought to my attention that the problem may have been the fact that I used tetra safe start plus in my cycle. I feel so dumb because I looked back and tss+ does in fact say that...
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    Help me figure out why my clown died!

    I’ve kept various freshwater fish over the years but I just recently started my first saltwater tank. It’s a 10g and I cycled it for several weeks with the help of tetra safe start plus. My aquarium has been fully cycled for about a week now, but I waited to put a fish into it until yesterday...