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    Planted aquarium

    So around 6 months ago I decided to change to a planted aquarium. I have water wisteria and java fern. My java fern is doing really well but my wisteria is really struggling (transparent/dying leaves). I'm using root tabs and dosing with Seachem flourish fertiliser, yet still my plants are...
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    Guppies and Betta

    I've recently lost my 6 guppies from my tank 😪 so I decided to replace them with 6 more. I have a siamese fighter fish in my tank that is ridiculously chilled. Never had any issues with him before. My guppies/Corys/Betta and pleco all got along brilliant without any troubles at all. So yesterday...
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    Could somebody please identify this plant for me so I can research care for it? Thanks in advance.
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    Water wisteria

    Hi guys, So I purchased some water wisteria, to give my tank a nice dense planted area, while being easy to maintain. I planted it in a circle around my divers helmet ornament and after a couple of months it looked amazing. The ornament was buried in bushy, bright green water wisteria. Now...
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    Clear water needed?

    Hi guys, so after asking about micro bubbles, I've noticed i have alot of white specs in my tank. My tank has been set up for a couple of months now and all my water tests are coming back good. I have the smallest airstone output I could find and purchased a fluval u2 which was recommended. I...
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    Micro bubbles

    Hi guys, I have a 64l tank thats fully cycled and I'm having issues with micro bubbles/dusty specks. I've got a ziss airstone in the back corner of my tank on the lowest setting possible and a fluval u2 filter on the opposite side of the tank with the flow on the top with just enough to ripple...