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  1. Dominus_XVIII

    Orange Chromide Disease

    Hi all, Been quite a since I last been on this forum. Posting here because I can't seem to find answer anywhere else (other forums). *HEAD UP, THIS MIGHT BE A LENGTHY READ* Before you guys get into the main report of this post, here's the parameters of my tank: Tank size - 46 gallon bowfront...
  2. Dominus_XVIII

    My Blue Ram (Mikrogeophagus.ramirezi) Breeding Log

    Hi everyone, Took some time off, as the past couple years haven't been too good for me. Personal stuff aside - Monday - July.26th,2016 (10:20pm) Brought this lil guy home yesterday (around 8:00pm) and acclimated him to my 20 gallon breeder (which is currently housing my female blue ram and...
  3. Dominus_XVIII

    My Ball Pythons

    Don't think I've ever posted my BPs here before, so here's some old pics. I'll try to get some updated pics when I can, my male pastel yellowbelly has put on some size since these pics were taken. His coloration has gotten brighter instead of darker/duller like most pastels, which is a possible...
  4. Dominus_XVIII

    My Show Guppies & Breeding/growth Log

    Hey everyone!   Just recieved my new guppy pairs from a local breeder (Canadian Quality Guppies) here in my province of Ontario. I purchased a pair of Moscow blue deltas and a pair of metal head yellow lace snakeskins. The guppy pairs are absolutely stunning!   Currenty drip acclimating the...
  5. Dominus_XVIII

    Blue Angelfish Growth Log

    Hi everyone,   Haven't posted here in really long time. Much of my time has been taken up by college and work, but luckily summer is just a week away for me. I purchased about 100 platnuim blue x blue zebra angel fry today, from individual in my area. Currently drip acclimating the fry to my 46...
  6. Dominus_XVIII

    My Killifish Collection, Breeding Log

    Just wanted to start this thread, to let everyone know some of the killies species that I'm currently raising. At the moment I have: 20 Aphanius.mento Zengen fry 7 Austrolebias.nigripinnis fry 27 Hypsolebias.fulminantus eggs 10 Nothobranchius.guentheri red fry 17 Nothobranchius.korthausae Mafia...
  7. Dominus_XVIII

    Back With Macs!

    Hey everyone,   It's been a very long time, since I last posted anything or even been on the forum. I've been just really busy with college and work related stuff, but I just wanted to pop my head back in and say hello What's even better is; I have finally had the pleasure of acquiring a young...
  8. Dominus_XVIII

    New Baby Fahaka Puffer Log

    Went to the LFS on Fathers day and browsed their stock. Noticed a 1" baby fahaka puffer aggressively darting at me while flaring it's bold yellow tail, I already own a larger fahaka and this was the first time I've seen them at this size for sale, so I asked a employee to ring it up for me. The...
  9. Dominus_XVIII

    My Manueli Piranha (Serrasalmus.manueli)

    Going to pickup my 3" juvenile manueli (Serrasalmus.manueli) piranha tomorrow evening, from my local BigAl's. For those unfamiliar with the species, manueli piranhas aka the "green tiger piranha" belong to the Serrasalmus group of piranhas which are primarily solitary fish. Very aggressive and...
  10. Dominus_XVIII

    My Scorpion Collection

    It's been 7 years since I've kept my last pair of emperor scorpions, so I thought I might as well grab some new scorps while I'm keeping Ts. I'll be getting my Malaysian forest scorpion (Heterometrus. spinifer) on Tuesday and a rusty thick tail (Babycurus. jacksoni) next month. From what I know...
  11. Dominus_XVIII

    My Channoides Pair

    I'll be receiving my channoides breeding pair on Monday, will post pics as soon as I get my hands one them. Stay tuned everyone, I'll be updating weekly after I receive them.
  12. Dominus_XVIII

    My School Of 12 Pygmy Gouramis

    Just received my package of 12 pygmy gouramis, upon opening the box I discovered they were DOA, as the bag felt cold as ice (due to the crazy Canadian winter here), the fish were stiff and pale as well as their mouths and gills wide opened . At that point I just tossed the bag into my 20 gallon...
  13. Dominus_XVIII

    My New Blue Shark/whale Catfish Trio. Cetopsis Coeculiens

    Here's some pics of the little buggers, floating their bag. I sold my old adult group on the local classifieds in my area and used the money to get these new babies. Really hard to take pics of these guys, as they are extremely fast. Had a harder time trying to get clear pics of these guys than...
  14. Dominus_XVIII

    Snow Storm 2013, Mississauga, On Canada

    Here's a few pics of the front of my house. We got about 2.5'-3' of snow here last night, family plans are pretty much on a standby, so we're pretty much holding up inside here all day. The snow mounds, in front of my drive way are about 5' high What was once the parking lot to the baseball...
  15. Dominus_XVIII

    Okeefenokee Pygmy Sunfish (Elassoma. Okeefenokee)

    Alright guys, I'll be getting in some Okeefenokee/Everglades pygmy sunfish in two weeks. Had these little stunning US native fish awhile back, but now got the chance to get some more. For those of you unfimilar with the species here's the specs on these little guys. This was on the fishbase...
  16. Dominus_XVIII

    My Tarantula Log

    Here's some pics I took, on November 8th 2012, when I first received my tarantula slings. Placed an order with TarantulaCanada and found out they're the best place to get Ts here in Canada, premium service at it's best, they're located in Quebec and they ship internationally. They also gave me a...
  17. Dominus_XVIII

    My Red Tailed Puffer Trio (carinotetraodon Irrubesco)

    Hey guys, just got a trio of red tailed puffers at my local BigAl's. Quite rare, here in Toronto, Canada. I got a nice male with bright red fin and 2 females, what made it even luckier was I snatched up the only 2 females in the tank of 30 irrubescos. I'll post pics soon. Oddly, they don't seem...
  18. Dominus_XVIII

    My Wild Collection

    Here's the males of my wild betta collection, enjoyed. The E-mail in the pics belongs to the breeder, if your looking for wilds feel free to contact him. :) Blue Guitar Smaragdina Copper Smaragdina Smaragdina Imbellis Mahachai #1 Mahachai #2
  19. Dominus_XVIII

    My Large Betta Splendens Collection

    All my splendens, enjoy. Also check out my wild collection as well. Female Black Copper CT Female Royal Blue HMPK Female Jet Black HMPK Male Black Copper HMPK #1 Male Black Copper HMPK #2 Male Black Devil HMPK #1 Male Black Devil HMPK #2 Male Super Black HMPK Male Black...