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    Ammonia Testing

    I am using testing strips and when I remove from the water, you are checking the little square material to see if it changes colour. A darker greeny blue colour indicates urgent action required and a slight yellow tinge suggest you are safe. My confusion is, when I pull it out the water it is...
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    Dwarf Pufferfish not eating

    Hey, I got two dwarf Pufferfish on Saturday and it was suggested to feed today and let them settle in. I have popped half a cube of frozen brine shrimp in this morning and the pair of them are not interested whatsoever. They are both still resting and not properly up and about. I'm learning...
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    Dwarf Cichlid Help please

    Hey, I did have a breeding pair last week and then I did a huge tank change around and moved the breeding box from one side of the tank to another (I really did not take in to account that they had already claimed that part of the tank as theirs) and as a consequence I believe I caused too much...
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    Hello All... Newcomer here!

    Hey Everyone, just thought I would introduce myself as I am new to the forum. I have joined the hobby approx. 8 months ago and really enjoying it so far although I have had some very upsetting lessons learnt along the way. I currently have two tanks, one with two Carinotetraodon travancoricus...