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    Burrowing Fish - Id?

    Hi guys. :) Nearly a year ago I got some plants from my LFS and found that a fish had hitchhiked along with them. It looked like a small pleco or some kind of algae eater. It was obviously a bottom feeder, so i just tossed it in the tank (29g peaceful community) and forgot about it. Fast forward...
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    Algae Help.

    I've had this algae for months now.. Actually probably over a year and I can't stand it anymore lol :shout: It's everywhere. It breaks off in little pieces and gets stuck in the powerheads. My corals grow on the algae instead of on the rocks, and then the algae breaks off and the corals float...
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    29G Low Tech

    Edit: This was originally an advice thread. I am turning it into a journal to keep track of my progress. Most of the tank information is given on this first page. Here is a quick update with some important info, but after this I'll just add a new post instead up updating the first one. :) I've...
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    Id Please?

    I just got these plants for free, and was wondering if anybody could ID them? Sorry if the pictures are big, I don't know how to resize them.
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    Sailfin (Algae) Blenny Feeding?

    What is this with my luck. :( Anyway, I've had a sailfin algae blenny for a few days now, I got it last Tuesday so it's been almost a week and it hasn't eaten much. I've seen it take a few bits of algae, and it looks like it tries to eat stuff from the rocks but that can't be enough to sustain...
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    New Additions (And Pics) :)

    Finally something new. :hyper: Algae (sailfin) blenny, ~3.5 to 4 inches Pulsing Xenia Yellow Polyps Starburst Polyps And a pic of an old ricordia that I've had for a while now. Started with one and now it's split into a lot, and I have them in two seperate spots and they're doing great...
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    Switching From A Tropical Community To A Shelldweller Tank..

    Hi guys, I've had my 29g freshwater tank set up for a few years now with the normal average community setup - tetras, cories, upside down catfish, kuhlie loaches. Recently I haven't been paying much attention to it and it's being neglected. This is mostly because my saltwater tank is just so...
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    What Fish? Now, Jawfish Journals.

    So, as some of you may have read, my midas blenny died a few weeks ago. It looks kind of empty without him, so I want to get another fish. 37 gallon no sump no skimmer ~50 pounds of live rock -mated pair of flame hawkfish -1 clarki clownfish -1 six line wrasse I have lots of crabs and snails...
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    Hi Guys.

    But unfortunately there's bad news. Some of you might remember my tank. 37 gallons, no skimmer, no nsump Clarkii Clownfish, Midas Blenny, Mated Pair of Flame Hawkfish, and Six Line Wrasse. It's been setup for a while now... over two years. The blenny is the oldest inhabitant, he's been there for...
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    Electric Went Out For A Few Hours, Now Fish Is Sick.

    Okay hi guys. Last night my electric went out for about five hours. When I woke up, I checked out all my fish to make sure they were okay, but I couldnt find my 'big hawk', who is always the first one to greet me. It took a few minutes until he finally revealed himself behind a rock, gasping for...
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    Reccommend Another Fish?

    Hey guys, long time no chat. :) My tank is still doing good and I'm considering getting another fish. The tank is 37 gallons and I currently have a clownfish, midas blenny, and mated pair of flame hawkfish. I'm not sure whether I should get another fish or not so I would like your opinions on...
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    So I Went To Florida

    Hi everyone. I don't post in this section much, but I thought you might want to see some pictures of my vacation last week in Florida. It's mostly just scenery but whatever. :D We flew down from Baltimore to Ft. Lauderdale, and stayed there for two nights. Here's our awesome view from the...
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    I'm going on vacation for two weeks at the end of August and we're getting somebody to come up to the house once every three days. I'm wondering if my 37g tank will be okay with twice a week top offs? I'm scared he'll forget a day... :unsure:
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    Tankmates For N. Brevis, 29g.

    Could anybody recommend tankmates for N. Brevis in my 29g? I don't have the fish yet, and I'm not getting them for a few months, but I want to have it planned out. :)
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    Zebra Plecos, $150;pcatid=1136 I thought some of you might be interested.
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    Basic Turtle Care Info

    There's so many posts on turtles here, I thought I'd make a post for them. Just a very basic guide, nothing too in-depth. I'm no expert. Sorry if there is one already. Okay, so you just got a few free turtles from your lfs! They're only about an inch big and they're SOOO cute! :wub: You...
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    Something Fishy Is Going On Here...

    Okay... so. There's been a few problems with my tank recently, but I don't know what's causing them. December 28 - I added a pair of flame hawkfish and a rock with green star polyps December 29 - I moved some of the rocks around in an attempt to stop the other fish from attacking the hawks. It...
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    Where To Buy Plecs?

    Hi, anyone know of a trustworthy site to buy plecos from? I'm not sure exactly what kind I'm after so a good selection would be nice.. The only site I know of is liveaquaria.
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    Upside Down Catfish Compatibility & Feeding

    I have three upside down catfish (the real ones) and I'm just wondering if they'll eat cherry shrimp or not? Also, what do you feed them. I feed my cories and kuhli loaches hikari sinking wafers and bloodworms but i haven't seen the UD catfish eat any yet, even though they swim right over them.
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    Few Pics Of My Tanks.

    Average boring FW community. 29 gallons 6 otos, 3 upside down catfish, 8 cardinal tetras, 1 praecox rainbow, 5 black phantom tetras, 2 panda cories, 6 black kuhli loaches, 1 marbled hatchetfish, 2 'white' neons. all recent pics except the last one. 37 gallon SW community 2...