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    I thought I would share this with everyone!

    Hey everyone! I was searching through Craigslist for deals and I came across this add that I wanted to share. I am new to the hobby and have never been to anything like this so I hope to attend. Just thought I’d share with everyone. I am not affiliated with this and sincerely apologize if I’m...
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    What do you guys think 🤔

    hey everyone! I’m Looking for opinions and suggestions from any one out there with experience on the subject! I have a lot of diatoms (brown algae) covering the things In my tank. I’ve mostly been spending some time cleaning it off my plants because I’m concerned with it blocking light. I...
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    Ghost shrimp with rust disease?

    I’ve been struggling with water parameters lately. added several plants, flourish root tabs to sand substrate, and dosing Seachem comp/excel/iron and since then my parameters went haywire. Ammonia and nitrite spikes over the last 2 weeks but, not higher than 1 ppm at any given time. Doing...
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    Cholla wood

    Good afternoon everyone! I have a 55 gallon tank with a few pieces of cholla wood for my shrimp and one of the pieces is starting to turn red. I did some research online and haven’t been able to find any answers. I had the “slimey goo” that I’m sure some of you have experienced but this is...
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    New to the hobby and forum… please help!

    I am new to this hobby and new to this forum. I have been running into many issues with my new setup. Please help me and my fish! I have noticed that the more info/details I provide the better everyone can help me so I apologize in advance for the length of this! I did a fishless cycle from...