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    Indoor Tropical Plants

    After watching hundreds of aquatic videos on YouTube I fell into watching people with tropical plants. One women stood out to me ' Tropical Plant Addict' Her home is filled with an amazing array of tropical plants, her garden and tiki bar are also something to appreciate. It has inspired me to...
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    Enjoying the hobby. Tank photos

    Just a post to share and see tank set ups. Enjoying mine right now, no issues. Like to help where I can, it's just nice to see healthy tanks once in a while. Share your photos, we all love to see tanks.
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    DIY Cichlid cave

    So I'm in the process of making a small cave for my dwarf ram cichlid. I've used a small porcelain cup, super glue and sand from my tank. I'm just wondering if anyone knows if this is a bad idea for whatever reason. Looking for advice and piece of mind before adding it to the tank. Thanks in...
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    Betta with others

    Hey What's your view or experience with having a Betta fish in a community tank? Mine is currently living with 8 rummy nose They all seem fine. Rummy entered the tank 2 weeks before the Betta. Have you had a good or bad experience doing this yourself?
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    Betta experience and advice

    Hi , I've just got a new male Betta fancy hmpk and just wondered if anyone has any tips or advice on care for them. I've obviously looked into the basics but would like to hear from someone with experience whether it be good or bad. Just looking to give him the best life possible. Thanks
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    New Betta

    New addition Nebula
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    Fin clamping and breathing rapidly..?

    Hi, so I got my first lot of fish. 8 rummy nose tetra All is well apart from this one female. She seems to just stop a lot while the rest school around. It looks like her fins are clamped up and she breathes heavily. Any ideas?
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    Glass cleaning

    Hi all Not sure if there's a thread on this topic, I was too lazy to look but also prefer real time response rather than reading old text. I could simply use Google for that. Q. What is your preferred method of cleaning the glass of your tank?
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    Is it too late..?

    Day 46 Fishless cycle using food as ammonia source. I'm at the point were I need to keep feeding my nitrites a source of ammonia but using fish food is a guessing game and also slow. Is it too late to start using a liquid form of ammonia? Will this potentially ruin things and force me to...
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    Glass bottles in your tank..?

    I've stuck a Kraken Rum bottle in my tank, simply for a bit of decor. Good idea or not?
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    Is this normal?

    I'm using fish flakes for a fishless cycle. These tiny mould like spaws have appeared (Green fluff) Would you remove them or leave it run it's course?
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    I'll be stocking my tank soon. Wondering what are the most common diseases to lookout for? What medication should I have in, ready for an emergency? UK
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    Mixing breeds

    Hi, could someone please tell me if these fish would be ok together? Danio choprae - glowlight Mosquito chilli rasbora ?
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    Is this too high?

    Is my nitrite too high? I find it hard reading the colour chart as to me this purple doesn't really resemble any on the chart perfectly.
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    UFO Week on Blaze

    Is anyone else watching tonight's episode on blaze.. UFO week. WE ARE NOT ALONE!!!
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    You keep Danios?

    If you have or do keep Danios please share your experience of them.. What species? Behaviour? Tank mates? Food? Personally I think with the variety of species you have to choose from and just how bulletproof these fish can be. They are one of the best beginner tropical fish to go for. I'd pay...
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    I'm gonna be stocking my first tank soon and looking for a variety of tank mates. A nice looking danio group, shrimp, horned snails and bottom dwellers. Been looking into corys and plecos Can you suggest a small, peaceful, eye catching species of either? Does anyone have danios and how are...
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    Gunk on airlines

    Hi, I used the airlines that came with my pump, feels like silicone but not sure. Been getting this gunk on the tubing. Yellow/light brown. Parts that are submerged flake off and are creating tons of tiny particles. Is this a type of algea of because of cheap tubing? I'm considering buying...
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    How's my levels looking?

    Am I on track with ammonia and nitrite levels? 36 days into a fishless cycle using fish flakes. If ammonia drops below 1ppm should I add more food to feed the nitrites till they drop? Advice is much appreciated
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    Fish breeders UK

    I'm new to the hobby and wonder if there are any good fish breeders anyone can recommend in my area. Middlesbrough UK Teeside area Looking for tropical fish, ideally a tetra breeder. It's a long shot I know but don't ask don't get..